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Heartwarming / Batman and Sons

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  • The end of Cabbage Patch. "Look... There's Momma."
    • There's something oddly endearing about Tim's reaction to the newest addition to the family.
    Tim: Oh wow, a baby! Where did you find him? (Batman tells him he found Terry in a cabbage patch).
    • This is eventually followed by Tim bringing Terry to his parents grave and introducing him as "his new baby brother":
  • After a long day of trying to beat Green Arrow and his kids in various competitions, as soon as the supervillains attack, Batman orders Alfred to protect the Arrow kids alongside his own, and charges into battle shoulder to shoulder with G.A.
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  • Before an obstacle course, several of the heroes are giving their children pep talks. Superman hugs Conner and tells him that he's proud no matter how he does.
  • After Tim had lost the kids' competition, Batman was fully intending to lecture him. But when Tim came running over, cheerfully holding his third place medal and saying how he got to third place with the help of his dad, Batman instead patted him on the head, telling him "I'm proud of you, Tim."
  • Also, while everyone else was busy with the games, baby Terry wanders off and bumps into some villains. Fortunately, Mama Bear Catwoman comes to the rescue and it's Terry's happy squeal of "Mama!" when he recognizes her immediately that does it.
    • While Joker and Captain Cold's reaction to Terry's presence is predictable, being consummate supervillains, both Harley Quinn and Bizarro are much more positive. Harley wants to adopt him, and Bizarro wants to hug him. Unfortunately, considering how unstable the two are, it's unlikely they're any less dangerous to Terry, but hey, considering the company, it's almost saint-like.
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    • In the following comic, Superman is the only one who notices Catwoman and Terry, and remarks on "unexpected reunions".
  • Superman being Superman. Check out the comments.
  • From Father's Day, Alfred hurries a late night working Batman into bed so his kids could "surprise" him. Then Alfred finds out that Batman wasn't the only father to get something.
  • After a long day with the kids and their usual bickering, Batman still finds time to tuck them into bed.
  • In "Holidays with the Justice League", Batman is shown cross-armed and scowling in all of the pictures... except for Father's Day.
    • The Mother's Day comic mixes this with a small Tear Jerker: while everyone seems happy about the celebration, Superman comforts Batman, who sheds a Single Tear while holding a rose in remembrance of his mother.
  • Dick helps Terry paint a Father's Day gift.
  • This comic has Terry explaining why Batman's so great as a hero and father. And if you look closely at the ingredients, they're the names of all the people who wrote for the dark knight.
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  • I'll tell Alfred it was my idea.

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