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  • Severa realizes exactly why Cameron's in the middle of nowhere after seeing the look on his face, and the first thing she thinks of is how devastated Mal must be.
  • Meta one: When the author revealed just how shitty his previous months was, almost every reviewer rushed in to comfort him about it.
  • Despite just meeting Eiryss, Cameron immediately vowed to kill Tom when the former revealed that Tom was the one sending her here and that she had to fight her Alternate (though he was overreacting somewhat as he didn't know the exact circumstances, he just doesn't care.
    • Followed soon after by Cameron forming a bond that is not tainted by Anna's death - unlike Mal, Fire can recognise that it's not her father's fault about what happened.
  • Cynthia staying with Cameron, rather than joining Mal's crew. Nobody would have blamed her if she left with her childhood friends, who are going to find everyone else and work at the timeline - even Jaclyn left Cameron behind to go with Malcolm, no doubt in part due to his Jerkass behaviour (and because she also wants to get directly involved, plus meeting her daughter Noel). Yet despite all this, she stays behind with him. And while it is clear that she wants to repair his relationship with his son somehow and feels sorry for Cam, it's also strongly implied that she wants to actually be his friend (given that she praised him much earlier).
    • Pretty much confirmed in Chapter 48: she was rather upset when he was taken out of the battle with Lucien by Tom (via magic black hole), and Glomped him when he came back, gushing over how amazing he is. Bottom line is that Cynthia thinks Cameron is awesome.
  • Cordelia's Cooldown Hug with Cameron, as she thanks him for making her life so much better. He really needed to hear that.
  • Fire's meeting with her cousin, Una
  • Cameron and Cynthia's second date. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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