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  • Cameron, Julian and Kylar's rescue of Emmeryn, catching her in mid-fall before Cameron (With a little help from Lucina) holds off swarms of Risen soldiers until Chrom and company can arrive.
  • Cordelia and Chrom's tagteam of Gangrel
  • Tom vs Alternate Timeline Lucien. Curbstomp doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • Fire's takedown of her alternate
  • Cameron has had enough of Tom's shit, realizes that if he's in his own mind he can do whatever he wants, and proceeds to brutalize Tom's mental projection.
  • The entirety of Chapter Forty-Seven, the second fight with Lucien. Moments include:
    • Cameron using showtunes to negate Lucien's mind-reading.
    • Cameron finding out that Lucien forced Fire to commit matricide, and is therefore responsible for Anna's death. The amount of rage this fills him with is so great that it gives Lucien a Psychic Nosebleed, and he isn't even in his mind at the moment (having been driven out by the above use of showtunes). Now that's rage.
    Lucien: How angry are you?
    One utterly shattered nose later.
    Lucien: Ok, "Hulk Smash" angry. This might present a problem.
    • Eiryss beating the crap out of Fire, non-lethally!
    • In a villainous example, Lucien managing to defeat Maugan and Matthew, the latter of whom has literally centuries of experience
    • Cynthia and Jaclyn causing the most damage anyone has to Lucien so far, completely ruining one of his arms with a javelin and a lightning bolt!
    • The sheer amount of preparedness Robin has to account for Lucien is astounding (though not entirely unexpected, given it's Robin we're talking about here). On top of the above BDH moment from a very pissed off Cordelia, Frederick, and Sumia, Lucien also finds himself forced to deal with Ricken and Miriel sniping him from the rooftops with Meteor Tomes, and even then when he thinks he can handle it...
    Chrom (drawing Falchion): Good guess.
    • The fact that, if not for Lucien's antimagic sword making Cameron panic about what could happen to Falchion, that Chrom could very easily have killed Lucien right then and there!
  • In Chapter 48, Eiryss gives Mal a massive chewing out for laying the blame of Anna's death on their father. Not only was it not an accident (though Mal didn't know at the time), not only did Mal's actions make Cameron's depression worse, but her brother (albeit not quite the one she knew) is being a self-indulgence arse due to his self-loathing and she refuses to stand for it without saying anything in response.
  • A bit of an odd one, but Cameron managing to run Tomb of Horrors from MEMORY
  • We get our first real look at Deathstroke!Cameron's new fighting style in Chapter 56, and it is BRUTAL.

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