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  • Author's Saving Throw: Comments made in-story by the Future Children, as well as one Author's Note, suggested that several of the canonical Children had been Adapted Out (specifically Yarne, Nah and Kjelle), particularly since Mal didn't mention them among the ones he was still to find (the others were part of his crew by then). When this came to the Author's attention, he admitted the mistake in a later Author's Note (as well as showing confusion at forgetting about them since he's got plans for them), and he salvaged the situation by having Mal mention that they "still had to find them" (suggesting that they hadn't been found earlier, and rather than being forgotten or non-existent they were probably not at their in-game locations yet).
    • After coming to regret killing off Anna and Flavia for how he wrote it (describing it as unintentional fridging), the author started taking corrective measures in regards to it.
  • Broken Base: While not in any way a severe fracture, Cameron's love life has a sheer variety of opinions to it. Not least of all the Stuffed in the Fridge that Lucien did to Anna, or the fact that his Second Love, Cynthia is one of the Future Children which has it's own implications. Along with the debate about Robin's canonical ship-ability with the children of his friends the Shepherds, the original Cameron had kids of similar age to Cynthia who she is friends with. And that's all we'll say about that...
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: For someone with only one word, Kylar's pretty popular.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Cameron/Anna was this at the time it developed into the Official Couple, Chrom/Cordelia even more so. The latecoming Cameron/Cynthia ship takes this Up to Eleven, just for the sheer unlikeliness of it.
  • Spoiled by the Format: Latecomers to the story might be less surprised by certain developments (like Anna's death near the end of the story's first part, or Cameron's Second Love being Cynthia) simply by taking note of the changed character tags later in the story's development.

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