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  • Old Shame: In November 2015, the author reread his work and had a major case of this concerning the execution of certain story elements. Among them, he felt that he had Anna and Flavia Stuffed in the Fridge despite it not being his intention, and that the Cameron/Cynthia relationship wasn't set up as well as it should have been. G2G has said he intends to do what he can to improve on these aspects and others in the later story.
  • Reality Subtext: Around late 2013 and early 2014, the fanfic started to get rather dark tonally. Around this time, the author started to experience depression and attempted suicide at least two times, only not going through with it because his friends helped support him - this is echoed by Cameron (in the story) developing some Death Seeker elements as a result of losing Anna due to the war intensifying, and being unjustly blamed by his son Mal for it. Luckily outside of the fic, fellow fanfic writer lambentLodestar convinced Gone2GroundEX not to go through with it.
    • Word of God says this was always planned; it just had really convenient timing.

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