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  • After the plan succeeds, Joe gets up from his seat, walks over to Mendez, and shakes his hand. It's all the more powerful because nothing is said.
    • The whole sequence in which the plane leaves Iranian airspace, where Tony and the six, the CIA, and Siegel and Chambers cheer and hug each other for the success of their op.
    • Just the look on Tony's face when the flight attendant makes the announcement "Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to announce that alcoholic beverages are now available as we have cleared Iranian airspace."
  • The young Iranian revolutionaries showing enthusiasm for the fake titular film and the young Iranian guard who while calling the studio flipped through the magazine with the advertisement for Argo and looked intrigued by what he saw. Even though they were extremists, they were still, underneath it all, young men with the same interests and imaginations as their American counterparts.
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  • Sahar, the Canadian ambassador's housekeeper, choosing not to reveal the identities of her employer's guests when questioned by the extremists.
  • The Canadian Ambassador and his wife, Ken and Pat Taylor, taking in and sheltering the houseguests. Truth In Film, as the Taylors remain beloved figures in the United States to this day for what they did.
  • Didn't actually make it into the film, but it was such a wonderful moment that it has to be mentioned anyway: in his work for the CIA, Tony Mendez regularly consulted with the State Department, and as such, regularly visited Foggy Bottom, and this continued after the Argo operation. Whom should he run into at the Metro Station there one day? Bob Anders! Mendez was just standing there when he hears someone call out "Kevin!" In Real Life, after all, Bob Anders and the other houseguests only knew Mendez by his cover-name Kevin Costa Harkins. When Mendez turned around and saw who it was, the two hugged. Anders was still in touch with the other houseguests, since they all still worked for State, so after catching up, they agreed to all get together again for a reunion barbecue at Mendez' house.

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