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  • Newt has one major one. Throughout the film she always refers to Ripley by her name. But after all the length's Ripley goes through to protect her from the aliens especially after destroying the queen. Newt almost tearfully calls Ripley "Mommy" before hugging the battle weary woman.
  • The director's cut in particular is one big long Earn Your Happy Ending for both Ripley and Newt. Both of them have lost absolutely everything because of the aliens and they're both more than happy for the other to help fill the sudden void in their lives.
  • Ripley and Hicks share a moment, albeit brief. Showing their mutual respect and revealing their first names to each other.
    • They share another when Hicks personally shows Ripley how to handle the pulse rifle so that she'll know how to defend herself when the time comes. He doesn't tell her why, just does it, and she merely grins and wants to take it all in. The companionship they develop, all while he's gently looking after her without patronizing her, is very sweet. It takes a turn for the awesome, however, when his bit of training her how to use the pulse rifle gives her the know-how to use the weapon when she goes to save Newt from the hive.
  • Another brief moment is Ripley overcoming her prejudices against androids by personally and sincerely applauding Bishop, in saving them from being vaporized.
  • "You always were an asshole, Gorman."
    • Even better is that while it may have been impulse to lead Gorman to try to help Vasquez, he knew he was probably a goner anyway. Aside from trying to help her he was probably also there to make sure she didn't have to face the end alone.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but while the survivors are looking at the compound schematics, Hicks lifts Newt up and sits her on the table to make sure that she can see the plans too and feel like she's helping! So cute.
    • Arguably Fridge Brilliance as well as Heartwarming; just like Hicks is the only person in the film who actually listens to Ripley, by this point he's also fully aware that Newt must know the layout of the place like the back of her hand and may be able to offer valuable advice.
    • Hicks also gets a nice moment where he sees Newt examining the ammunition they're planning to use against the aliens. Rather than yelling at her, he calmly says "Don't touch that. Dangerous, honey."
  • When the Alien queen is being airlocked by Ripley, Newt is being sucked out herself. She calls out for Bishop, who, while still split in half, manages to catch her with his one free hand and hold on to her protectively. After it's all over, Newt runs out of Bishop's arms to hug Ripley. After Ripley had spent almost the entire film being hostile and suspicious of him simply because he is an android, Bishop's last line just makes it.
    Bishop: "Not bad for a... human."
    • Even better? Bishop acknowledges her as a human and not a child; her age isn't relevant to him in any way.
  • And then there is the very last scene, where Ripley reassures Newt before they both go into cryosleep that she thinks they can both dream again now, while looking fondly at the injured Bishop and Hicks, who are both already asleep in their pods.

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