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Heartwarming / AlChestBreach

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  • It's kind of cute and heartwarming when Al gives kisses to his companions before he makes them wait where they are and leaves to go on some adventure.
  • The friendship between Gumbo Cat and Waffles Syrup in Al's Sims 3 playthrough.
  • Bobby Duggart coming Back from the Dead, even if he doesn't look anything like Bobby and is just a ghost, its nice to have him back in the Duggart's house.
  • Donny Cop having a long and successful life before dying of old age.
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  • The end of Al's Dark Hero's Duster mod review. After killing his target, John Smith, Al discovers that John was a good friend of his before he got shot in the head at the beginning of the game. John was smart enough to write down a final note to his old friend recounting their adventures. The video ends with Al, in front of John's grave, stating that, while he may not remember John, his heart always will and that he'll never forget about him.
  • The Return Of Ballarms montage. Al finally meets his son AJ, and instantly adopts a soft tone promising him that AJ has a family, and assuring him that he will be safe with them.
  • While it's a bit minor, just about any time Al decides not to kill a character because he's taken a liking to them. Considering what he is most of the time,it's often quite cute when he doesn't.

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