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Heartwarming / A Monster in Paris

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  • The aftermath of the song A Monster in Paris, where Lucille realizes Francoeur's true nature.
    • The baptem. Francoeur's happy smile as he finally finds someone who accepts him is just... sniff...
  • Hell, just the fact Lucille named him Francoeur, which means "Honest Heart."
  • "He's not a monster!"
  • The determination Lucille, Raoul, Emile and Charles show to protect and save Francoeur. THAT is True Companions, my friends.
    • Francoeur shielding Emile with his body from open fire as Emile tries to untie the rope that Maynott attached to Catherine.
    • Raoul being willing to sacrifice his beloved Catherine for the sake of his friends. Not only was that car his livelihood and his pride and joy, it was also his home.
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  • "He's here!!!" FRANCOEUR IS ALIVE!!!
  • "Me too, I loved you since the very first day, idiot." Guaranteed to make you go aaaaaawww.


  • Bibo dedicated the film to his father. Aww.

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