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Heartwarming / A Growing Affection

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  • The end of chapter 1.
  • Chapter 3: Besides finding Naruto's "treasures," Sakura and Hinata find out what and why they're so special: they're the kunai that the both of them sent him for his last birthday and reminder that he is cared about.
  • Karin's death is this plus Tear Jerker. Sasuke fulfills her last request and she dies happily.
  • Naruto and Hinata's first kiss in chapter 38.
  • All of Chapter 40: Naruto's breakfast, the dinner and the party at the arena. Iruka calling himself and Kakashi Naruto's "busybody uncles."
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  • The Yultetide gift exchange.
  • The Kyubi's last moments. She has her own reasons to do but she chooses to go out helping Naruto beat the bad guys. Another moment is when she asks him what he would do if faced with an unwinnable situation. He told her if his death was inevitable, he would choose to wreck his opponents' plans on the way out. The moment isn't that she DID ask, it's why: The Kyubi, the Calamity made flesh, needed to be reassured that she was doing the right thing!
  • Naruto meeting his parents for the first time. They banter back and forth, mostly on Yukihana refusing to leave Minato to his devices and seal the Fox. It's really a touching moment and provides Naruto with some serious closure.
  • Hanabi coming out of her stupor in chapter 107 and apologizing to Naruto for the way she's been treating him. She also makes up with her cousins and teammates, the Takamichis.
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  • The four Hokages, Jiraiya and Sasuke are able to say goodbye and are safely allowed into the afterlife. Sasuke was even reunited with his family and Minato with Yukihana.
  • Anko waking up in the middle of the night and crying and embracing Iruka out of pure joy at the disappearance of her Curse Mark.
  • Any of the Slice of Life chapters that don't end in a Mood Whiplash are this.
  • Kohaku and Gouki's first meeting.
  • The final image that Gai sees before he dies.
    • It also counts as foreshadowing because it seems the image will become a reality.
  • Danzo telling Tsunade that whatever else he thinks about her, she is STILL the Hokage and must be protected. Coming from him, that means a lot.
  • The Dead Person Conversation between Nagato and Yahiko. Yahiko tells him that he doesn't hold Nagato accountable for anything that happened to him and to make the best of his life and choices. Nagato's first decision: staying alive and with Konan. His next six? Removing the chakra controllers that animate the Paths. His seventh, of course, is escaping with Naruto and the acolytes, who are overjoyed.
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  • Gouki lets Nagato and his acolytes escape. No tricks, no plans, they're just let go.
  • Gouki's final words to Naruto, Sakura, Hinata and Kohaku.
  • The final two chapters:
    • Shikamaru proposes to Temari.
    • Kakashi and Yugao's wedding.
    • Sakura decides to formally date Lee.
    • Hinata and Naruto made Jonin.
    • By the time Naruto and Hinata have the wedding, many of the couples in the story have married or are on their way. Many also have children.
    • Konan and Nagato have taken in a child and the three of them and Kohaku are able to attend the wedding.
      • Konan and Nagato's adoptive son is named Jiraiya, and is the son of Gouki and Kohaku.
    • Naruto and Hinata's vows.
    • Kaede becomes Mizukage.
    • Naruto is sworn in as Hokage and the sheer magnitude of people who come to his inauguration.
  • The scene where Shino tells his Love Interest (who's a member of a clan that's been in a bitter rivalry with his own for generations) that he doesn't see her as a member of her clan...just the girl he's in love with. They never officially get married but no one doubts their love for each other by the end.

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