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Heartwarming / Greyjoy Alla Breve

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  • Theon's interactions with the younger Stark kids. One scene deals with him teaching Arya and Bran about the stars, and both Myrcella and Tommen enjoy it, too.
  • Theon calling Catelyn Stark "Mom". And Eddard and Catelyn treating him pretty much as their son.
    • The first part of the story has Theon claim that the only reason he is not a Stark by name is because he is waiting for Robb to say he can take the name.
    • In an omake, Ned realizes that even if Balon decides to rebel, he wouldn't execute Theon because the boy ceased to be an hostage and became his son instead.
    • Ned claiming that in spite of Jon not having his name and Theon not having his blood, they're still his sons and brothers to his children.
  • Robb and Margaery. It does take a while for things to roll forward, but they do clearly begin to fall in love with each other quite soon.
  • This fanart of Theon and Amarda.
  • During the Steel Wedding, Ser Wylis Manderly dances with Brienne, good-naturedly jokes about his own girth and seriously tells Brienne that he is perfectly willing to name her a knight.
  • After the Steel Wedding, Lord Karstark brings Kevan Lannister to a private room. Theon, fearing he might try something akin to what happened in canon, rushes to find them... only to find them sharing mugs of mead. Karstark explains to Theon that he wants to help Kevan after he lost one of his children in the wedding, particularly since the boy died saving Lord Karstark's son from an errant bullet.
  • A good part of what Theon has brought has been for the benefit of the smallfolk, and Eddard Stark and many others happily put those things in the hands of their people, in order to improve their lot by droves. As Arya tells Tywin, the Northern smallfolk saw Eddard as someone who treated them as equals and who helped them to the best of his extent, and when he got murdered on Joffrey's orders... they went mad together.
  • During their escape from the Red Keep, Theon almost dies when an explosion throws him into the moat. Ramsay jumps to grab him by the ankle, even though he is in great pain because a wildfire spark hit him in the shoulder.
  • Sansa sacrifices her best chance to escape the Red Keep in order to make sure Arya does escape and meet again with Theon. Arya soon proclaims she will not rest until Sansa is back with her family.
  • During the Battle of Craster's Keep, Jon touches a Weirwood and sees a memory of when he was younger, with Ned Stark lecturing him, Robb and Theon for disrespecting Catelyn after she refused to let Jon sit with them... and then Ned talks to the real him, reminding him that, no matter what his last name is, he is still a Stark, and that the pain he is feeling from being hit by a White Walker is what makes him human, telling him to never give up.
  • The fact that Lancel, as opposed to most other knights in Joffrey's army, actually gave a damn about the smallfolk in the Crownlands, sending a scout ahead of the army so the people would be warned about what would happen when Joffrey arrived. And this, as he suffers from crossing the Despair Event Horizon and has turned into a Death Seeker. In his case, Redemption Earns Life.
  • After the meeting where the Lords of Westeros learn of the threat of the White Walkers, Robb gets Theon on his own and forces him to reveal the source of his knowledge. Theon confesses he was scared the Starks would think he was insane, and Robb immediately tells him he is his brother.