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As long as this story is, you know it has some whoppers.

  • Hinata standing up to Naruto in the first chapter, even if it is a bit misguided.
  • Naruto essentially telling Hiashi "Your daughter has the right to talk to and date whoever the hell she likes and NO, I'm not going to stoop to your level" along with Hinata's reaction to the whole scenario.
    • And then when Hiashi tries to run down Naruto in response, Naruto stops him without going on the offensive himself. He even tries to be the bigger man...which Hiashi doesn't take well to. And when Hiashi attacks him, Naruto uses minimal force to fight back and most of said force was to prevent Hiashi from killing Hanabi.
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  • Yukihana near effortlessly saving Shikaku, Inochi, Choza, Ryu and Ken from the Kyuubi. This only two days after giving birth to Naruto.
  • Hinata awakens her Suigin Byakugan and proceeds to point out ALL of the vampire's weaknesses in 11.
  • Sakura successfully healing Hinata with Naruto's help in chapter 12.
  • Hinata setting Hanabi straight about where she stands in terms of power and the Chuunin exams in 23.
  • Naruto and Hanabi pull together and pass Kakashi's Exam training.
  • Kakashi figuring out the Kouins' techniques by playing possum and clearing the air of their Perfume jutsu.
  • Hinata blasting Yuko with Rasengan in 32.
    • Gaara blasting Kabuto with the Wind Scythe jutsu.
    • Sakura's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Tenten's fight against Tadashi Suzuhira.
  • Anko bred and raised five cobras that are essentially anti-venom carriers and proceed to kick Kerai's ass.
  • Hinata's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sakura in chapter 53:
    "Is that was this is about?Because Naruto came to me, after Master Jiraiya told the three of you about Sasuke? He said you wouldn't want to see him, that you would hate him. I knew he was wrong, but he insisted. Because he promised twice to bring back Sasuke, and in the end, he failed. And even if you were only a little angry and disappointed, he was in no shape to comfort you. He said he would have only stacked his pain on top of your own. That's why he went to me instead. And I have to live with that. Even though we are together now, even though he loves me, and I him, I have to live with the fact that you were his first. And no matter what changes, or how much time passes, in some ways, in certain circumstances, you will always come before me. But I try to accept that, because that compassion, that loyalty, that is part of why I love him. So say what you will about me, Sakura Haruno. But don't you ever question Naruto's loyalty to his friends, especially you!"
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  • Kiba's near-flawless leadership of the mission in chapter 54 and Uzuki handing the mayor his thieving heinie on a platter in business and criminal law.
  • Neji fights a were-bear in 58. That is all.
  • Rock Lee successfully infiltrating a town, starting a huge fight between most of its inhabitants and easily escaping with both of his targets with only minimal help from Sakura before any of the bandits know he was even there.
  • The Jonin trials are a CMOA for everyone who participated or proctored. It showed what the students are capable of and how clever the examiners are.
  • The Kyubi's Heroic Sacrifice. Also a big flaming FUCK YOU to Madara.
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  • Gaara's Big Damn Heroes moment in 77.
  • Naruto and the Kyubi have created a Kekkei Genkai.
  • Sakura beating the stuffing out of Mayuko in chapter 78 and Hinata releasing the Two Tails and turning her back into a normal cat.
  • In chapter 79, the Kyubi gets a big damn heroes moment of all things. She goes on to tell her opponent that she will always be waiting in the wings to fight him. ALWAYS.
  • Rematch between Gaara and Deidara: Gaara (with a little help from his bodyguard) literally shuts Deidara down with a lightning jutsu when he goes for his ultimate suicide attack.
  • Naruto burning down the Canyon of Dawn with a jutsu that creates napalm.
  • Hinata stands up to her grandfather in chapter 85 and Hiashi calms the argument back down before his father and daughter come to blows.
  • Sol attacks Tayuya for making fun of her and her brother. Kidomaru and Jirobo don't even stop the squirrel, they just say that karma finally caught up with her.
  • Hinata summoning Ni-ne aka the Two Tailed Demon Cat to her defense who one-ups Kabuto's two-headed snake by a mile.
  • Orochimaru brings five of the strongest people Naruto has ever killed back to life: Doto, the Snow Daimyo, Zabuza, Demon of the Mist, Haku, Yukihana Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Naruto's parents promptly protect him and Zabuza and Haku almost immediately attack Doto and Orochimaru. Thanks, Orochimaru!
  • Hinata turning Kabuto's Breaking Speech around on him.
    "You didn't save my life. I was just a way for you to make a point."
  • Sakura throwing Jirobo through the air towards Sakon and Ukon and the fire barrier they're maintaining. As she figured, they don't drop the barrier to catch or save him and Jirobo burns up in it. She also got to bisect another person as Tayuya became the next victim of her axe.
  • Naruto summoning THE WHOLE GODDAMN TOAD NINJA CLAN to avenge Gamabunta's death.
  • Jiraiya killing Orochimaru's original body with Odama Rasengan and a few chapters later, Sasuke briefly regaining control of his body. Both are also dying moments of awesome.
  • Neji's plan to rescue Nyoko and Aren detailed on the main page. Guile Heroism at its best.
  • Kaede and Yukie successfully leading the Snow and the Mist in forcing back the Shozokus from taking the land of Snow. Then, the sea battle where the Shozukus try to escape from Mist ninjas riding dolphins. Once again: Mist ninjas. RIDING DOLPHINS.
  • "Multi Blood Clone Jutsu!!!"
  • The entirety of Gai's fight with Kisame. Highlights include:
    • Gai smashes Samehada into itty bitty pieces.
    • After opening the Death Gate, Gai seemingly splits in three without a clone jutsu to beat Kisame from all angles.
    • Killing Kisame with a super Goomba Stomp.
  • Naruto beating the Preta Path Pein (the chakra eating one) by having 10 of his clones dispel themselves after eating a food pill for chakra and letting the Pein drain until he's filled to the brim... and then his tenketsu start exploding.
  • Sakura's archery skills. HOLY CRAP.
  • Lee smashes through the wall of the Rain village using his ohgi, Six-Fold Limit Break: an attack that allows one to strike a point on the target's body six times in less than than a hundredth of a second.
  • Danzo saving Tsunade from The Mole who unfortunately escapes.
  • Kaede bluffing the Animal Path Pein with what she does and does not know about the Cloud village, including how or why it was so easy for Gouki to become Raikage. She does it so well that for a moment, even Temari is fooled. When Pein responds by trying to taunt Temari about Gaara and Neji possibly being in danger at the Rain village, Kaede simply points out that this also means that they got into the near impenetrable village to begin with, which is a CMOA in itself.
  • Nagato makes the first personal decisions he's made in awhile: staying with Konan, putting the Paths out of their misery and escaping the Cloud village.
  • Hinata hitting Madara with the Singularity Rasengan, destroying him body and soul is a CMOA and a Crowning Moment of Terror.
    • Sakura deserves props here as well since without her, Hinata would be either a sitting duck or dead. It also shows how far she's come as a warrior.
  • Gouki manages to fight Naruto, Hinata and Sakura to a standstill mostly on his own. He even destroys Kitsune. Naruto gets the next moment when he destroys the chakra-stealing Syphon.
  • Naruto completes the leap up between Ascendent Fox and Shin Tensei Kitsune during the fight with Gouki. And thus came the Curb-Stomp Battle. And then the Tear Jerker.
  • Daimyo Haruna becomes the leader of the combined Land of Greens after her uncle, the former Daimyo of Grass, merges the two lands.

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