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Headscratchers / Vertigo

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  • So at the end Judy confesses to Scottie that Gavin Elster had strangled the real Madeleine before throwing her - rather, her corpse - off the bell tower. How did any forensic/ doctor fail to notice that Madeleine had been strangled, not killed by the fall itself?
    • Judy's exact words were, "He broken her neck!" This suggests that maybe he caught his wife off guard and broke her neck swiftly before she could put up a fight. Due to the fall, the coroner would have come to believe the fall resulted in her neck being broken, along with other bones broken when her body impacted the roof. Keep in mind, she impacted against a hard roof from a large height.
  • How did Madeleine escape from her hotel room with neither John nor the hotel desk clerk noticing? This was part of the tease that Madeleine is haunted by a ghost, but once it's revealed that she's just conning John, there's no explanation. Hitchcock himself admitted that this was Fridge Logic.
    • The receptionist is a bit old. Maybe she just has poor memory and forgot that the room was used.

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