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Nightmare Fuel / Vertigo

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Don't Look Down...
  • The opening scene where Scottie's police partner falls to his death.
  • The sound of Madeleine's body hitting the roof.
  • The clothes buying scene is just incredibly creepy to watch. The fact that Scottie is dressing Judy up in the same clothes that The Lost Lenore wore and she is near tears in her argument just makes it very disturbing. Then he goes the whole hog and forces her to bleach her hair and go out wearing them. Judy knows exactly what is going on and yet can't bring herself to not go through with it.
    "It can't matter to you!"
  • The final scene when Judy is startled by a Nun and falls out of the window to her death, letting out a blood-curdling scream as she does so.
  • The creepy shot of Carlotta standing between Elster and Scottie at the window.
  • The eerie opening sequence of a close-up on a woman's face. At one point, the camera zooms in on her eyes, which widen in apparent terror, making the viewer wonder just what or who is frightening her so much.

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