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Headscratchers / Universal Studios

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  • Why does The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, undoubtedly the most popular section of Islands of Adventure, occupy the smallest area? The line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is continously being lengthened, spilling over into Jurassic Park. Ollivander's Wand Shop has a waiting list. Even the carts offering Butterbeer stretch half the length of Hogsmeade!
    • According to The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, which also extensively covers the Universal parks, this owes to J.K. Rowling and company's desire for the area to look as close to its film counterpart as possible, with realistic proportions. Size had to be sacrificed for authenticity, and that means crowd issues.
  • I don't know if this is true of Universal Orlando, but there isn't a single attraction in Universal Hollywood that doesn't spit water on you. Why do they do that? Does Universal assume spit = fun?
    • It's a cheap method of adding an "interactive" portion to the ride and getting a cheap shock out of the guests by spraying cold water on them.
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    • There actually are certain attractions that don't spit water at you, especially on Horror Nights.
  • At the end of Men in Black: Alien Attack "J" erases your mind with a neuralyzer, but then you can buy a picture of you in the ride, isn't that a little contradictory?
    • The worms are set as the ones selling your picture to you, they are money seeking and not the best at following the rules.
  • When exactly was "Jaws" meant to be taking place, the 70s or the present? The queue video mentioned that the attacks in the movie occurred "back in 1974", but also showed "Brody" and "Hooper" as not visibly older and still holding similar positions, while the outfits and decor in the video are just sort of generically-late-20th-century-cheesy. In some ride-through videos, the boat skipper also refers to the attacks as having been decades ago, but also refers to Brody as still being sheriff, which is confirmed by the radio call.
  • Why did Twister: Ride It Out have Steven Spielberg's chair instead of Jan de Bont's?
    • It seems to be a common misconception that he filmed it, probably because Twister was advertised as having the same producer and writer as Jurassic Park— but not the same director. But you would certainly expect Universal Studios to know better...
      • Maybe it's an inside joke?