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This happens every thirty minutes.

"Universal puts people inside the incredible and timeless stories and gives them a chance to discover their own inner hero."

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The entire thing. If someone told you that it isn't one of the most immersive theme park experiences ever built, they lied.
    • It really feels as though you are in the Wizarding World throughout the park. Fair warning: When you leave the park, you will quickly be struck with the distinct feeling that you have made a terrible mistake.
    • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that Wizarding World was crucial in their decision to partner with Universal, thanks to a chance meeting with NBCUniversal executives. The NBCUniversal staff were so excited to meet with Nintendo executives that their creative teams allowed them to tour both the Hogsmeade and the then-under-construction Diagon Alley and learn how both areas were exactly designed. Nintendo soon realized that they had an opportunity to seize upon, and did so.
    • Special mention goes to the Sorting Hat in the queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, due to being an impressive practical effect despite that fact that the Hat has always been a CGI effect in the past.
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    • The dragon on top of Gringotts bank shoots fire (pictured). It shoots it every 30 minutes.
  • The flight scene through the canyon in Shrek 4-D, a fun and action-packed sequence that's pretty much the highlight of the whole attraction.
  • The general idea behind Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, with being able to see all of the Nicktoon characters together and interacting with one another for the first time.
  • The forest queue line in E.T. Adventure, just for its sheer detail and rather memorable smell.
  • The King Kong animatronic in Kongfrontation, just with how massive and elaborate it was. Bonus points also go to the attraction's heavily themed as well as detailed queue line and indoor New York streets.
    • Also the fact they got the "Fighting the Frizzies" anchor guy, Rolland Smith, to anchor the pre-ride news reports about King Kong rampaging- this was made possible by Smith then being an anchor for Secaucus NJ's WWOR-9 note .
  • The entirety of Transformers: The Ride. Imagine the action of the Transformers film series, only Up to Eleven.
    • The eight-foot-tall animatronic Transformers costumes are technical marvels as well.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man altogether is this, because of its Visual Effects of Awesome and how it truly rose the bar for how theme park rides are done.
  • Universal's new partnership with Nintendo, meaning that we could possibly get new rides based on Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and more!
  • The replica of Springfield surrounding The Simpsons Ride. Special props to all the restaurants, which actually have semi-decent food.
  • The Spongebob Squarepants gift shop in Woody Woodpecker's kid zone. It feels as if you've stepped right into the show, and is packed full of refrences to episodes made until the opening of the store. Plus, you can meet SpongeBob at the entrance of the building. Patrick and Squidward also show up pretty often.
  • Skull Island: Reign of Kong is a whole truckload of awesome. This new ride not only builds upon the legacy of Kongfrontation, but also improves on it by taking you to Skull Island, the home of the famous giant ape. And it is here where you get to bear witness to his true might.
    • The new animatronic Kong is a marvel to behold. You can see it yourself here.


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