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Headscratchers / There Will Be Brawl

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  • Fridge Logic kicking in, what's going to happen to Waluigi, since his brother is, well, a little too dead to take care of him? I mean, he didn't show up at the end with the other surviving characters.
    • Since Luigi and the others are rebuilding the Mushroom Kingdom, there's a good chance that he'll either end up being taken care of by Luigi, who knows about him, or else the justice system via Marth, who will discover him while investigating Red's death.
  • When Fox gets called a furry, is he a furry in the conventional sense, or is furry a racist slur against animal people?
    • Presumably the latter, seeing how in universe he is indeed an animal person rather than a man in an animal costume.

WMG:Who's taking care of the Pokemon?In Fridge Logic, I realized this: when Red dies from the Pikman bomb, some Pokemon look alive. So are they let to die? Is it like the equivalent of bombing an orphanage and leaving the survivors to fend for themselves? Sounds harsh, but may make sense considering the Crapsack World they live in.

  • I always presumed it was Leaf taking care of them. Also, just because we only saw Red and Leaf doesn't mean they're the ONLY ones. For all we know, there's a Blue or someone else from the games taking care of them off screen.
  • They were stolen and taken in by the other fight organizers, and beaten and starved until they were ready for pit fights.

  • Why did Red look so disgusted by Pit when the latter was checking him out? It seemed wildly out of character for him.
    • Red didn't look as much disgusted as he did uncomfortable, which makes sense considering he's the most innocent cast member.

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  • Why is Bowser a Buddhist? I mean it's hilarious but seems kind of random. Is there some kind of reference I'm missing?

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