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Headscratchers / Suite Pretty Cure ♪

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  • Seriously, did Kanade and Hibiki REALLY not know their school had TWO entrances both with cherry trees?
  • Was the (light blue) Cure Beat and Cure Symphony scan fake from the start? It seems as though one way or another, Waon and Seika were intended to become the Sixth Ranger Cures, seeing as they were relatively prominent secondary characters. Not to mention the fact that the Cure Module actually has light blue and purple gems. Siren got a pass, but were they ever going to explain how Cure Muse uses a purple Fairy tone to become a yellow cure? note 
    • The scan was fake. It's always been fake. The production staff "leaked" it to draw suspicion away from Ako and Ellen as the actual Sixth Rangers, after a similar production scan last year leaked Sunshine and Moonlight's identities before the first episode had aired. Waon and Seika were never "meant" to become Cures: they were always Red Herrings. As for the Muse thing, that's never been clearly explained. My personal theory is that yellow and violet are complementary colors, so they just rolled with that.
      • The gems on the Cure Modules represent the Fairy Tones used to transform. It is a little odd that Ako uses a purple Fairy Tone to become a yellow Cure (especially considering how all the others have matching colors).
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  • I hear that a lot of people absolutely despise Ako. Apparently it's because she's a Bratty Half-Pint, but I really see no evidence of that. In fact, I really see no reason to dislike her at all. Why do people hate Ako? Sure she's a bit snarky and cynical, but that's because she's not only a princess, but Cure Muse, and her dad is the Big Bad of the series, and she's extremely conflicted over fighting him. Not only that, despite her young age, she's a reasonably good fighter, a good friend, is kind to people and animals when she wants to be, is very helpful, and she, unlike most princesses, doesn't just sit around and make everyone do everything for her. That's what I like about her. In fact, I think little girls would adore her for this reason, especially since in places like America, princesses are mostly stereotyped as being The Ingenue: fragile, weak, helpless, snotty, and spoiled who do nothing but sit around, drink tea, hold parties, and make everyone do everything for them.


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