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Recap / Suite Pretty Cure ♪

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This is the recap page for Suite Pretty Cure ♪.

  1. Nyapu Nyapu~! The Birth of Suite Pretty Cure-nya
  2. Gaga~n! Pretty Cure is in Danger of Breaking Up Already-nya!
  3. Jaja~n! Hibiki Hates Music-nya?
  4. Mogumogu! Kanade Shows Her Spirited Recipe-nya
  5. Dotabata! The TV Reporter Challenge-nya
  6. Gamigami! Miracle Belltier Born Out of Sermon-nya
  7. Tettekete~! Getting In on Otokichi-san's Secret-nya
  8. Chararan! Siren's Fake Friendship Plan-nya
  9. Hanyanya? What is the Thing Kanade Lacks-nya?
  10. Uhhoho! Hibiki-sensei, Struggle at the Kindergarten-nya
  11. Gyogyogyo! The Mysterious Pretty Cure Appears-nya!
  12. Ririn! Tell Us About Cure Muse-nya
  13. Mumumu~n! Siren and Hummy's Secret-nya
  14. Awawawa! Muse vs. Muse, Who is the Real One-nya?
  15. Attracted~! Kanade's Lucky Spoon-nya
  16. Ding Dong! Best Friends Switching Places-nya
  17. Ururun! Mama is Always by her Child's Side-nya
  18. Fuwawa~n! Collecting Notes Isn't Easy-nya!
  19. Gunya Gunya~! The Pretty Cure Can't Transform-nya!
  20. Aaaah~! Siren's Last Scheme-nya!
  21. Boom! The Pretty Cure of Miracles is Born-nya!
  22. Lalaa! The Soulful Tune, Her Name is Cure Beat-nya!
  23. Zaza~n! A Tear is the World's Smallest Ocean-nya!
  24. Sansan! Become Friends With Sand Hummy-nya!
  25. Hyu~Doro~! I Found Ellen's Weakness-nya!
  26. Pipopapo! The Fairy Tones' Great Adventure-nya
  27. Kachi Kachi! 30 Minutes to Save the World-nya!
  28. Heart-Pounding! Ellen's First Day of School-nya!
  29. Suspense! Treasure in Major Land-nya
  30. Waon! The Healing Chest's Mystery-nya!
  31. One Two! Power Up at Pretty Cure Camp-nya!
  32. Oro Oro~! The Healing Chest is Stolen-nya!
  33. Howawa~n! Everyone's Dreams Make Up Pretty Cure's Power-nya
  34. Zudodo~n! Mephisto is Finally Here-nya!
  35. Jakin! Muse is Finally Unmasked-nya!
  36. Kiraran! Let Muse's Thoughts Reach His Heart-nya!
  37. Wakuwaku! Everyone Transform for Halloween-nya!
  38. Clap Clap Clap! A Mysterious Encounter Becomes a New Beginning-nya!
  39. Fugya! All of the Notes Have Disappeared-nya!
  40. Lu Lu Lu~! Raindrops are the Tune of the Goddess-nya!
  41. Fa Fa~! We'll Never Let You Have the Final Note-nya!
  42. Pikon Pikon! The Cure Modules are Targeted-nya!
  43. Sob Sob...The Melody of Sorrow is Completed-nya!
  44. Do Re La Do~! A Holy Night Gives Birth to a Miracle-nya!
  45. Vo~n! We Won't Let Noise Have His Way-nya!
  46. Zukon! Pretty Cure's Final Battle-nya!
  47. Pikan! Let Everyone Hear the Symphony of Hope-nya!
  48. La La La~! Let the World Echo the Melody of Happiness-nya!

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