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Headscratchers / Star-Crossed

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For the TV Series:

  • In the pilot, Emery and Julia sneak into the SEU with just a scan of her dad's ID card. Given the ongoing protests against even the limited integration pilot program in Edendale, why on Earth is the security so lax at the entry gates? A guard should have challenged Emery and Julia before they even had a chance to swipe in.
  • Additionally, the Sector, while clearly densely peopled, has Atrians who have gotten to know familiar faces very well over the previous ten years. How is it no Atrian raised the alarm at seeing two unfamiliar girls with untattooed faces walking openly within the Sector? Yes, they get stares, but their presence should be a cause for a lot more caution than wary curiosity. (Admittedly, they do finally run into someone who decides to make an issue of it)
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  • The Pilot indicates that Edendale is "near Baton Rouge", but the map of Edendale in Episode 10 shows it being a suburb of New Orleans, and the crash site would almost be in New Orleans proper. Given that the town is decidedly fairly rural to begin with, there is probably a considerable bit of Television Geography going on.

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