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Tear Jerker / Star-Crossed

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  • In the Pilot, before Julia is healed with the cyper, Julia tells Emery the chemo isn't working and she's going home. In essentials, she's told Emery she's waiting to die.
  • Grayson blackmails Drake and forces him to break up with Taylor.
  • Then, later, Roman and Emery end up breaking up because Emery believes she makes it too hard for him to become an effective leader of the Atrians.
  • After Roman gets stabbed by Castor, the only place he can think of that's at all safe is the Whitehill family's garage, where Emery first found him all those years ago.
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  • And now, Emery may be deadnote  and Roman, the new Iksen, may be the only thing that stands in the way of the death of integration and with it, any chance of cooperation to fight off the threat of an Atrian invasion fleet.

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