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    The Fan Fic 
The fic is on hiatus because the author is busy working for BioWare.
Lets see... Earth is abandoned to a superior enemy with no hope of winning -Mass Effect 3. A Hive Mind created to end a war between machines and organics which has Gone Horribly Right and is corrected later - again Mass Effect 3. A low rank officer rallying the remaining fleets - check. A superweapon is prepared, and someone mentions that when the first nuclear bomb was made, there was a risk of it igniting the Earth's atmosphere - likewise. An Emperor wants to destroy everything for power and godhood, to wait until everything dies and is reborn - present in Star Wars: The Old Republic and strongly implied in the fic. Yeah, same author seems likely.

    The TV Series 
The Preservers from Star Trek transplanted a branch of humanity to Atria
How else to explain the fact that Atrians and humans apparently have similar enough chromosomes to produce a viable child?
Emery joining the "New Red Hawks" is a feint
Emery has no intention of actually helping Greyson in his Knight Templar anti-Atrian campaign; she simply wants to misdirect him into something ultimately harmless while at the same time feeding information back to Roman.
  • While never formally addressed in-series, this appears to effectively be the case as Drake and Roman grudgingly form an anti-Trag based truce with Grayson.
Roman will survive, become the next Iksen, and marry Emery
.Because having this series end like the actual play did would just be too unbelievable and sad.
  • Jossed, damn it.

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