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  • Given that it was proven during the Chaos War that Hulks can use any sufficiently strong emotion to empower themselves or others that are strongly connected to them, when Jarella saved Bruce Banner from his father Brian Banner through the love bond that the first two feel for each other even across the grave, shouldn't She-Hulk, as the arguably likely kindest major Marvel Comics character, be able to use it to further empower herself as well, rather than having to rely on fear, rage, and stress, which are thankfully not her strong areas (unless it is righteous rage)?
  • Jennifer Walters is a lawyer, who has frequently spent long periods of time in her She-Hulk form, presumably including when she's trying cases. Wouldn't the fact that she's a seven-foot-tall, super-strong green ogress count as intimidating the witness? Or would refusing to have said super-strong ogress involved in legal proceedings be considered Fantastic Racism?
    • I'd imagine that it's somewhat the later; the rationale being that in Real Life, I don't believe it'd be legal to rule that a lawyer who is also a bodybuilder/very tall would be considered witness intimidation, since one indicates a hobby and the other is something beyond your control. In this case, both are out of her control. Plus, typical courtroom attire does a lot to take away from the intimidation factor of the muscular physique of bodybuilder types (See here pictures of pro wrestler John Cena shirtless and scary, and relatively unassuming in a suit. )
    • However, Ms. Walters does have control over her form (unlike her cousin), and it's stated that she's the single strongest character in the Marvel Universe as She-Hulk. While it's unlikely that being a metahuman of this type would be considered a "hobby", exactly, perhaps as long as she minds her strength and keeps any ragey impulses in check she'll be fine.
      • I was mostly thinking of the time she was stuck in She-Hulk form. I am not exactly an *avid* follower, but I knew that that happened, and I can't remember her transforming voluntarily during a case. I imagine if she did that, she would be guilty of witness intimidation.
      • Remember that she lives inside the Marvel Universe, which is full of Apathetic Citizens. After half a century of living with mutants, alien invasions, super soldiers, flying armours, time travelers, magicians, hidden races, robots, mythological gods, and a long etc (which includes even reality warping); who would be scared of a tall green woman? To cite an example, Kingpin was in a restaurant with the Runaways, and they pointed that She-Hulk was sitting right next to their table. "That's not She-Hulk" "But... she's green" "What can I say? We are in New York"
  • In one of the early issues, Jennifer Walters defended Michael Morbius in court when his actions as The Living Vampire were brought to trial. She proved that the cause was his condition thus preventing the death penalty or a lifetime sentence. As a result, her father disowned her and acted like she had done something wrong by defending Morbius because he's a murderer. So... The fact that all of Morbius's actions were the result of a degenerate illness that literally drove the man into periodic fits of insanity and blood lust means nothing? I will add that her father is a Sheriff.
    • Her father has very extreme black and white views on things, didn't care for her being a defense attorney anyway, and felt she took the case to spite him and snub the law. His world view couldn't encompass extenuating circumstances even when a live demonstration was given as to how impossible it was to control oneself (with a pair of white rabbits) under the influence of the transformative virus he used on himself. So to him all she was doing was helping a murderer escape justice instead of what she did actually being justice rather than the vengeance her father was really after.
  • How long did She-Hulk's marriage to John Jameson last, anyway? It's been a while, but I seem to recall that the two of them were separated and acting like they were single only an issue or two later.
    • It lasted less than a week in-universe time. As I recall, they weren't in their right minds, either of them, when they got married.
      • The were under the effect of Star Fox's love powers, which Android Andy had absorbed and had kept pumping out (in order to keep his own love interest, implied it was effecting them too, since Fox's effect usually only lasts a few days).
      • Actually, only She-Hulk was enchanted by Star Fox to love John. John was loving her as he had always done. But, as you know, it takes two to tango...
  • Is Shulkie a prosecution or defense lawyer?
    • She's been a defense lawyer mostly. Looking out for the weak little guy.
    • Back in The Sensational She-Hulk, she was a prosecutor working for the Manhattan DA's office. In She-Hulk, was doing both civil work representing plaintiffs and defendants and criminal defense work. That's not uncommon; lots of lawyers move from prosecution to defense or back over the course of their careers.