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Nightmare Fuel / She-Hulk

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  • It's the end of Jen's first day back at work as a lawyer after the events of Civil War II. Things seem more-or-less normal. Or at least as normal as Marvel's New York City gets. Jen listens to a cooking video while getting dressed. She meets with a reclusive woman who's scared of being evicted. We see some of the other clients that are lined up to meet with her that day. Then Jen is ambushed by someone hoping to write a book on her deceased cousin. The instant Bruce's name is mentioned, Jen's eyes turn green and she starts to visibly panic. She rushes to the elevator, fidgeting nervously and visibly on the verge of changing. When she gets off the elevator, we see that she's smashed in the elevator controls. When she gets into her apartment, she flips open her laptop and puts on a cooking video... right before green veins appear and her skin starts turning a dark grey. We see her collapse onto the ground as she tries to fight off her transformation, screaming in agony as she starts to change. And it's then we realize; the She-Hulk we knew is gone. That there is something dark and terrifying trying to fight its way out of Jennifer. And she's just barely holding it at bay throughout the entire day.
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  • Jen's transformation into the new Hulk. This is something that's been teased since the first issue. We've seen two partial transformations, as well as a transformation where the end result is hidden in shadow. But with Jen pressed against the wall, her inner savage breaks free, and it is a nightmarish sight. This new Hulk's every motion is animalistic and savage in a way that we haven't seen before. On top of that, we never really get a good look at her, particularly her face. Virtually every scene is done to suggest high speed, and Hulk's face is almost always hidden in shadow or concealed by her hair. Pretty much all we see are two green glowing orbs situated against pure darkness.
  • The second post-Civil War II volume, "Let Them Eat Cake", has Oliver Cakes (the man who does Jen's cooking videos) transform into a monster after unknowingly ingesting a drug called Monster Juice. Bad enough, but when he takes a supposed 'cure', it works for all of five seconds. Then a couple of his teeth fall out, and the transformation happens again with a vengeance. All because two of his producers decided they wanted to 'break the internet' by dosing his cake du jour with the stuff.