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  • If two selectors with the same deck color fight in the anime, how will the large color wheel thing determine who goes first? Lighter and darker shades of the color?
    • Episode 11 of Spread has Mayu vs Ruuko, both with Black decks if the scenery is any indication. However the colour-wheel/clock is not shown, instead obscured in darkness, which doesn't exactly answer this.
  • Why didn't Ruko and the others try to weaponize the wish-reversal effect, deliberately losing while making the wish that's opposite of what they really want to happen, since the backlash seems to not have the limitations of a granted wish?
    • It's likely that Mayu would have decided that was against the rules.
    • This actually happens in Peeping Analyze, the side manga about Piruluk. Piruluk uses Peeping Analyze to rewrite her current Selector's wish into it's opposite as she's about to have her third loss, changing it from "I want my mom to live" to "I want my mom to die". It works, but Mayu is pissed. It apparently only worked because Piruluk brainwashed her Selector hard enough it was like it actually was her wish. 'Faking' wishing for the opposite of your wish doesn't work.
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  • How on earth did Mayu get the magical powers to create Lrigs and create her own dimension ?

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