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Making the same wish after one is tainted removes negative effects from it
  • As seen in episode 10, Ruko was able to touch Hitoe without any lightning shooting out in response to the contact from a potential friend after she collapsed from attempting to recall the lost memories of Ruko and Yuzuki both in order to see if she's okay, and to get Hitoe's phone out of her pocket. Seeing as she already made the same wish with Yuzuki as her LRIG, the negative effects of being touched were removed instantly, but the more "damaging" effects (such as the memory loss) were harder to undo and were more painful because things that were outright removed from Hitoe were being forced back in. Them being painful would thus be not from the tainted wish making it harder to recover, but because all the memories were compressed together (hence them being recalled in random bits when shown) and put a lot of strain on her brain as it tried to untangle everything. As for the memory that appears when she touches the Wixoss box that her mother gave her? That's Yuzuki's memory that was unknowingly injected into Hitoe when she appeared and officially became her LRIG, as it's a memory shared by the two.

The Pillar discussion is a Chekovs Gun
The Big Bad will appear and will be defeated by a space pillar.

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