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  • I saw in an episode that Gordon took the owners to a cow farm to get fresh mozzarella, but isn't real mozzarella actually made from buffalo milk? Considering that Gordon has pretty strict standards when it comes to food quality and origin.
    • That's generally only in certain regions of Italy unless you're importing it. Cow's milk mozzarella is perfectly good and much easier to acquire for them.

  • How does the timeline of the show really work? The amount of renovations the teams perform on the restaurants seem staggering given that they are stated to do them in about a day and a half. Something is wrong there. Either the renovations are taking much longer than they say, or the team has already decided what they are going to do before Gordon even walks in, and have purchased all the materials and staged them as well as getting approval from the various state agencies in advance. The same question applies to Bar Rescue as well, but they go out of their way to claim Taffer and his designers are just seeing the place for the first time on "Day 1"
    • No doubt Gordon already has supplies and a team on hand, as well as general ideas on layouts for restaurants based on specific themes, which have traveled to the city with him. From there it's just a matter of stripping down certain decorations and repainting the place, which a full experienced team could likely do overnight since the place is closed. If the building needs repairs it may take longer, and certain unexpected things may pop up(he had to visit a local carpet dealer in "Mike & Nellie's" because the on-site carpet was in abysmal shape) but he probably works his butt off to get some things done in a timely manner. He also knows that a 1-2 week closure for these places would hurt them severely so he gets the work done fast as possible.

  • Does Fox have Gordon under some sort of contract demanding he yell more in the US version, as well as telling him not to help in the kitchen? He's much calmer in the UK edition(although he will get angry if the restaurant is in bad shape) and he's seen helping in the kitchen multiple times, compared to the US where he merely stands around and eventually calls someone to come in and help.
    • Probably this results from different editing styles between the two production companies.
      • Adding onto this, this might be more custom thing, as, in the US, to my experience, television is loud, while, from what I've watched, shows from the UK tend to be quieter. Of course, being "quieter" doesn't quite work so well when it comes to some of the ones on the show, especially when it comes to the state of some the restaurants.

  • Why does Chef Ramsey blow a gasket whenever he sees raw and cooked meats on the same level? By what I've learned, they need to be kept in separate containers, but there's nothing wrong with having them on the same level.
    • Even the smallest chance of cross-contamination is too much for him to tolerate.
    • 1) He's big on pride and professionalism as a chef, which means that people should naturally be going to any lengths to protect their customers and avoid cross-contamination and not need to be told to do this, 2) restaurants are easy targets for lawsuits if someone does get sick, and all it would take is an investigator walking in and seeing something that could have resulted in cross-contamination for that lawsuit to go against the restaurant.
      • Not just that, Food Prep 101 states that cooked/raw food shouldn't be stored on the same level without being properly contained (and especially not touching, like that instance) or, for extra safety, shouldn't be stored together at all ("raw with raw and cooked with cooked"). It's one thing for someone who cooks at home to make that mistake but it's a whole nother matter if it's restaurant, as, really, professionals should know these things more so than the amateur.

  • We see a couple times that people are openly revealed to have done some downright criminal things in their restaurants (and SEVERAL violations of common sense on top of that). Burger Kitchen's owner STEALING MONEY FROM HIS OWN SON to fund the place, Amy's Baking Company and their honestly-huge list of violations... Why don't we hear anything about these people being committed or arrested??
    • Someone needs to press charges or file a complaint before anything will be done. In most instances on the show, the things we hear about have either been resolved, the evidence has been cleaned up, or those that have been wronged aren't interested enough in following up
      • Odds are, knowing how Amy and her husband are and that Alan is the son of a mobster, Mr. Sin , someone probably wanted to but didn't want to chance their wrath (the former two are scary and, in the latter case, pretty explanatory), on top of the fact that it can be hard to prove if someone tampered with food (though, we see video evidence on this show). If anything, Amy and Samy (or is it "Sammy"?) doing things like that might be why their restaurant closed, on top of it's crud management, while Burger Kitchen, to my understanding, isn't in the US, so their laws might be a different in regards to money and inheritance.

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