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Drinking Game / Kitchen Nightmares

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Take a sip when:

  • Gordon rejects a dish (either one for himself, or rejects one for someone else from leaving the kitchen), or pseudo-rejects it ("what a shame", etc).
  • An owner rejects or rebuts a piece of advice or criticism from Ramsay. Extra sip if they act like a Tough Guy and\or accuse Ramsay of being out to get them.
  • An owner is caught in a Blatant Lie.
  • An owner/chef claims that people like the food there.
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  • An owner criticizes an employee or customer unfairly. Another hearty sip if the owner goes on to harass them.
  • An owner has an alcoholic drink.
  • Any food is advertised as "fresh" when it's actually frozen. Another sip if it's ravioli.
    • Two if the phrase "fresh frozen" is used, three if they try to explain what that means.
  • A microwave is used
  • Any time Gordon does his signature 'three strikes to his palm with his other hand' thing as he's talking.
  • Any time Gordon goes "wow", take a sip; or, if that's too dangerous, do it only when he goes "wow wow wow".
  • Any time Gordon stumbles across rotten, spoiled or moldy food.
    • Two if he shouts "It's ROOOOTEEEEEN!"
    • One more if it was something he previously ate or if he shouts "I've EATEN here!"
    • If he has to rush off and puke somewhere, finish your drink. (Because god knows Gordon probably wants one right at that moment.) This also counts if Gordon shuts the place down, emergency services are summoned for any reason, or Gordon pulls a fire alarm to evacuate the premises and get diners away from their secretly disgusting and potentially poisonous plates.
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  • Any time Gordon mutters "Fuck me..."
  • Someone denies being in denial.

Amy's Baking Company bonus sips (like you would need them):

  • Any time Amy says "haters", "bullies," or "trolls."
  • Waterfall when Gordon learns about what happens to the tips, sip on subsequent references to it.
  • Whenever Amy screams, down the entire bottle. Beforehand, say goodbye to your life.
  • One sip every time how many employees had been fired is brought up. Light beer thank you, unless you are The Alcoholic that rules them all.
  • Ditto every time they threaten legal action. Again, go easy on the top shelf if you value your legs and stomach.
  • Take a sip every time they state that Gordon is lying about something they did after admitting they were proud to have done it earlier.
  • Every time they are caught out in an illegal activity (food tampering, stealing money, unfair dismissal) don't sip, you cannot consume nearly that volume of alcohol. Use the repeated instances of this to pace yourself.
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