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  • Any official reason as to why she nuked most of her work (and what looks like her distancing herself from it)? Asking because I do hope it's not Creator Breakdown (on Tumblr, she did report that she got a lot of rude comments).
    • IIRC (have fun searching through her twitter), it was basically fans who kept requesting more Hiimdaisy while she was starting Cucumber Quest despite Gigi expressing a change of interest. She's as snarky as ever and seems fine talking about Hiimdaisy (if it's not another request, then she snarks even more) so it's probably not a Creator Breakdown.
      • Okaaaay, that doesn't exactly justify her pretty much nuking every single Hiimdaisy comic from the official sources ever. Sure there are other unofficial sources, but that's like if George Lucas were to destroy the original film prints of Star Wars (you know, instead of changing the film all the time until recently) because he was not interested in them anymore and instead wanted to focus only on Red Tails.
      • Except this is a free series of scribbled gag comics about video games that were made for the amusement of the creator and people into said games, not a huge-scale movie franchise aimed at mainstream audiences and dependent on their money. She made the comics because she wanted to and got rid of them because she wanted to; she doesn't have to "justify" why she did it. That's all it is.

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