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  • Where are the Beretta 92s? I may understand why the girls, as the Beretta 92 is a fairly large handgun and could be impractical for child-sized hands, but the gun is the standard sidearm of all Italian armed forces and police forces, and would be the first gun you'd give to the handlers and a frequent gun for the terrorists (more in the 96 and 98 variants, as guns chambered in 9mm Parabellum are illegal for civilian ownership in Italy and finding the right ammo would be quite complicated and really dangerous). Plus, it's the country where it's produced...
    • Also, where's the rest of Italy's many gun designs?
      • Did you at least watch the anime? You can see some examples of Beretta small arms used by Padania.

  • Meta question: why there's no Gunslinger Girl AMV with the Italian national anthem yet? Not only it's the national anthem, a decently bloody song and one of two Italian well-known patriotic songs that is not abhorred for Fascist links, but with the very first word being fratelli...
    • On the same vein, why there's no AMV with La Leggenda del Piave (Italy's other well-known patriotic song with no Fascist links) or partisan songs?

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