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Fridge Brilliance

  • Ever wondered why "The Light Before We Land" was the OP to Gunslinger Girl? Muzzle flash. Ziplines.
  • The idea of using orphaned girls into SWA agents would be a good idea not to be passed up on. In the worst case scenario that they should be shot at or killed by the bad guys, Rome can easily use it as propaganda and paint the Padanians as murderers and child killers.
    • There's also two other reasons: in Italy a large part of the population is strongly opposed to euthanasia (indeed, the word itself has mostly a negative connotation in Italian), and children are pretty much held as sacred. It is very possible the program started as a misguided attempt at saving girls who had nothing to live for and were already mutilated, and went well beyond what the Italian population would be willing to endorse.

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