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  • In the episode where DJ has an eating disorder, how in the world could the whole family (except for Stephanie) not see the warning signs that DJ was having body image issues, let alone an eating disorder? When Becky asks DJ why she's putting up images of scantily clad women on the refrigerator, DJ responds by saying that it is to prevent herself from getting food from the refrigerator, and that she has only a week to look like her (Becky). Becky, in turn, nonchalantly (and ignorantly) gives DJ advice about weight loss. Plus, considering that the whole family eats together at almost every meal, how in the world did nobody notice the fact that DJ hasn't eaten in three days?
    • Many people with eating disorders are able to hide it by doing things such as cutting their food up and acting like they’re chewing, or spitting their food out when do one’s looking.

  • We constantly hear stories about Danny being in a fraternity and hitting on girls in college, despite being married and having a daughter at age 19. It is not of heard of for people with kids to attend college, though they usually don't finish on time, which Danny definitely did. In addition to taking classes, Danny was out partying and hitting on girls while Pam was at home with baby DJ. I know we all have a past, but this does not sound like Danny at all. Also, who was paying for the house, college, and child support? Most people struggle with this and it seems impossible that Danny or Pam would have had time for a job.

  • Jesse is Greek, thus his sister, the girl's mother Pam, would have been too, yet in a home movie Pam is shown to be blonde. It's odder still that the girls would then be half-Greek and their dad has dark brown hair, yet they all have light hair.
    • One episode had the family's Greek relatives visiting and all of them were brunettes, which only adds to the confusion.
    • Clearly Pam has dyed hair and Joey is the girl's real father.
    • Originally, the Katsopolis family was Italian. Don't know if that helps.
      • Jesse's mother is of Italian descent. Blond hair is not uncommon in Italy, especially in the North.
    • In 7.10 "The Prying Game" Danny mentions that Jesse is half-Greek, making the girls and the twins only one-quarter Greek. Still doesn't explain Pam's blonde hair or how all 5 children in the house inherited blonde hair too.
      • Don't forget the twins having blonde hair. Me thinks Becky had an affair with Joey.
    • Some Greeks have blond hair— Cleopatra, for instance was a Ptolomey (Greek dynasty in Egypt) and some believe she was blond and green-eyed. Not to mention, a lot of different genes contribute to hair color, so it could be recessive or something.
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    • I have a cousin who is half Greek and his daughter has sandy blonde hair.
    • What about Danny's and Becky's families? Becky's mother Nedra, Danny's sister Wendy, and his mother Claire are blondes. Maybe the girls and the twins inherited their hair color from the non-greek parts of their families.
  • Jesse loves classic rock, especially Elvis. In one episode Danny wanted to sing "My Generation" by The Who with the band for a school function. Jesse said the song wasn't hip enough. Why would he object to that when he sings Elvis and other hits from the 1950s and 60s?
    • He's an elitist douche who considers himself the final arbiter of cool, that's why. He only says it's not hip enough because Danny, king of the lame, suggested it.
    • He didn't object to the song in general, he said that it wasn't hip, i.e. currently popular, a song junior high students would know. At the beginning of the scene he and his band grumble about playing a junior high function, so they probably weren't planning on playing Jesse's usual repertoire that night.
  • Twice Jesse's band is unavailable, and he's left with undesirable alternatives, The Tanners in one instance, a marching band in another. Why didn't he think of doing an acoustic set? Especially since he owns an acoustic guitar and clearly that'd be better than having a freaking marching band.
    • Both were spur of the moment. Jesse probably wanted a band to live up to his word.
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  • In season six it's revealed Uncle Jesse dropped out of high school with once class to go. How could no one in the family know about it? Danny and Pam would've been married at the time, and DJ would've been a preschooler. It also contradicts an earlier episode where he mentions he went to graduation. Did he attend his ceremony and drop out during summer school?
  • When Danny is stuck between going to Stephanie's Science Fair thing and DJ's play, why didn't he just go to DJ's first and Stephanie's second? That way, he'd be able to see DJ play her role and see if Stephanie wins.
  • For their wedding song, Jesse wants an Elvis song and Becky wants a romantic ballad. They compromise with a slowed down version of Jailhouse Rock. Why didn't they just use an Elvis ballad? I Can't Help Falling in Love is apparently a popular wedding song.
    • Because Warner Bros. either couldn't get the rights to the song, or they thought it'd be too obvious.

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