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Headscratchers / Chicago By Night

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  • How the hell does Forged in Steel's Michael, who has the mind of a child, survive as a vampire?
  • How did Gordon Keaton, Son, Ballard, and other characters like them not go insane despite having Humanity 0?
    • It was Early Installment Weirdness where Humanity 0 didn't necessarily mean you became a wight but just that you were irredeemably irrevocably evil.
  • How was Kevin Jackson able to become Prince of Chicago despite his age? He's not even an Ancilla or, if he is, he's just barely so.
    • Money, power, and the fact that the Prince in Chicago is a Puppet King position for the Primogen. Or, Helena, in this case.
    • Kevin Jackson benefited from a perfect storm of events with a weak prince in Joseph Peterson, several of the other candidates suffering catastrophic failures (Ballard getting caught in a porn theater and losing his personal fortune), and a lot of the Primogen being Beckoned or killed off. As such, he was left as one of the most powerful Ventrue in the city as well as Lodin's direct descendant.

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