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Classic Vampire: The Masquerade

  • Lodin actually managed to pull one of these off himself as he manages to take over Chicago's Princedom from Maxwell despite being a Neonate. He then ruled the city successfully for a century and put down not one but two Anarch revolts. He even managed to survive Under a Blood Red Moon albeit possibly as a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Horatio Ballard illustrated just how powerful and terrible vampire vengeance can be by single-handedly destroying the American Steel Industry. He is responsible for the Rust Belt as we know it. Why? Because he wanted to get revenge on the already-beaten Modius.
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  • Subverted in the case of Maldavis. Among Anarchs, she is a heroic Civil Rights leader and Messianic Archetype who came close to defeating one of America's strongest princes. In truth, she was a Puppet King for the Primogen and a tool of their Jyhad.
  • Mark Decker of Milwaukee by Night leads a coterie of vampires who spend all of their time hunting Lupines. They're not only successful but they've managed to keep the fight going for decades.
  • The PCs manage to achieve this in Ashes to Ashes by successfully rescuing Prince Lodin from his revenge-obsessed ghoul. They did so despite being possibly Embraced just a few nights before and having both the Camarilla as well as Anarchs against them.
  • The PCs of Under a Blood Red Moon can successfully use the Lupine attack to eliminate Lodin and several other Elders under the cover of the attack. The werewolf PCs can do one better and save a Celestine (effectively a god among gods) from corruption by the Wyrm.

5th Edition

  • Kevin Jackson manages to pull one off by becoming simultaneously one of the youngest and most powerful princes in the American Camarilla. He does so by turning the Primogen against Joseph Peterson (the previous Prince) and leveraging both his wealth, gang support, plus Ventrue blood to achieve the crown.
    • Kevin further manages to cement he's actually got what it takes to rule Chicago by killing Al Capone sadly, he missed and becoming The Corruptor by turning Anarch leader, Damien, into his Sheriff.
    • Kevin's "Anarch List" is also a good Divide and Conquer strategy as he convinces Gengis to make a list of Ten Anarchs that will get You Will Be Spared in exchange for helping him take down all the others.
  • Helena manages to outwit the Beckoning itself by discovering that diablerie can stave it off. She kills a bunch of Ashirra guests to the Vermilion Wedding and makes her way back to Chicago while her rival, Menele, continues on to Carthage.
  • Noah "Flyboy" Grewal gets one for being a Thin Blood who takes over O'Hara Airport and somehow manages to play both the Camarilla as well as Second Inquisition for fools. Oh and he has Helena, World's Most Beautiful Woman, hot for him as well.
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  • Anita Wainwright becomes Baron of East Chicago and leader of the Anarch Movement in Chicago after years of playing The Heart to the group.
  • The Second Inquisition gets one for successfully taking down Asshole Victim Jacob Schumpeter.
  • Mark Decker successfully becomes the Prince of Milwaukee and manages to turn it into a police state with absolutely no Anarch presence.

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