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Nightmare Fuel / Chicago By Night

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Classic Vampire: The Masquerade
Lodin's current look

  • Forged in Steel has an adventure hook where slavery is still practiced in the city of Gary, Indiana. The Kindred of the city buy meals from an independent ghoul who kidnaps locals to serve to them. It is Harsher in Hindsight because the population of the city is predominately black.
    • Modius also keeps two elderly black men as retainers that he has Mind Raped into submission.
  • Son has a very Does This Remind You of Anything? when he takes the seven-year-old Undead Child Neon into his house by promising safety during the events of Under a Blood Red Moon before torturing him, feeding on him, and finally diablerizing him. Worse, he remains a Karma Houdini decades later.
  • Ballard feeds on the children of his own family and a very Does This Remind You of Anything? hint of him being (as 25 Years of the Masquerade calls him, 'Uncle Touchy'). His own childe, Lawrence Ballard, plans to kill him to protect his own children. Thankfully, Jossed in 5th Edition.
  • In Under a Blood Red Moon, the Sabbat Embrace an entire family of Garou Kinfolk including a toddler before Dominating them to eat members of their family. All of this as a way to taunt the werewolves in the city.
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  • Helena has Brett Stryker Embrace beautiful young women then has them chained up in the basement of the Succubus Club so she can feed on them until she finishes them off.

5th Edition

  • Take a look at Lodin to one side. Once he was one of the most beautiful and powerful Princes in the Camarilla. He's now suffered Sanity Slippage and significant Body Horror from whatever happened to him during the events of Under a Blood Red Moon.
  • Bobby Weatherbottom has put his girlfriend and True Love into a medical coma so she can have blood transferred to her via IV perpetually so he can feed from her regularly. He hates himself for this but continues to subject her to a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Kevin Jackson supposedly threw Al Capone into an oil drum and hurled him into Lake Michigan. Thankfully, this didn't actually happen.
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  • Lester Knife regularly feeds people and Kindred to the things that live inside his building. He has no idea what they are, only that they hunger.

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