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Headscratchers / Chargeman Ken!

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  • Episode 65: Victory! Chargeman Ken, the series finale.

    Oh, God, where do you start?

    After 64 episodes of the Jurals trying every half-baked notion they can to eliminate one grade school boy, Maou finally hits on the not-so-bad idea of a simultaneous, world-wide strike that could simply overwhelm Ken, who can't be everywhere at once. Sure, he might save Japan, but the rest of earth will fall in the meantime.

    So far, so bad. But when the main Jural base finally shows itself, Ken flies off for his final showdown—backed by a fleet of Earth fighter/submarines (don't ask), piloted by ordinary humans. And guess what? The humans kick Jural ass like something out of Independence Day! I mean, if earth's defenses were that effective in the clutch, why in the bloody hell did humanity entrust the whole of earth to a bloodthirsty, cruel, xenophobic little jerkass like Ken Izumi?!

    As for Ken's moment of destiny with Maou? Ken fires, the Jural command post is hit, there's a (completely non-animated) explosion, and the crippled hulk crashes into the ocean. And what does Ken do? He sits in his cockpit and wonders, "Was that the end of the Devil King?" Cripes, Ken, your ship's in one piece—go and finish the job, you prepubescent dumbass! I know it's the final episode and all, but really...
    • Earth wasn't "entrusted" to Ken, Ken himself started fighting the Jurals as some sort of vigilante. It didn't help that the Jurals were out to kill him, while being completely hidden within human society.

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