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Recap / Chargeman Ken!

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This is the Recap page for Chargeman Ken!.

  1. 'Danger!! The Children's Space Station'
  2. 'Safe By a Hair!!'
  3. 'The Butterfly Swarm Flutters!'
  4. 'The Mysterious Handsome Boy'
  5. 'Terror! The Mummy Comes By Carriage!'
  6. 'Uncanny! The Space Botanical Garden'
  7. 'Man of the West Ken!'
  8. 'Juralian X-6'
  9. 'Enter, the Juralmons!'
  10. 'Barican Runs Amuck!'
  11. 'Save the Earth!'
  12. 'We Can't Eat Vegetable Salad'
  13. 'Showdown! The Undersea City'
  14. 'The Daibutsu that Vanished Into the Night'
  15. 'The Art Gallery Mystery!'
  16. 'Murder Record, Melody of Terror!'
  17. 'Find Ken's Secret!'
  18. 'The Great Escape from Prison Island'
  19. 'Bank Gang - Caron's in Danger!'
  20. 'Ken Gets a Girlfriend'
  21. 'Caron's Present'
  22. 'Time Bomb Fax TV'
  23. 'Mental Hospital Terror!'
  24. 'An Invitation to the Robot Club'
  25. 'Save Young Yuuichi!'
  26. 'The Girl Who Lost Her Memory'
  27. 'The Burning Poison Mushroom House'
  28. 'Space Rocket Z9'
  29. 'Rub Out the Fashion Model!'
  30. 'Save Caron From the Top of the Tower!'
  31. 'Crisis! One Second to Blast'
  32. 'The Master Safe Cracker'
  33. 'Is My Dad Old-Fashioned?'
  34. 'Sky Rod, Burrow Into the Earth's Depths!'
  35. 'Dynamite in the Brain!'
  36. 'Shudder! The Devil's Hospital'
  37. 'Beat the Hijack!'
  38. 'Operation Juralian Fake Friendship'
  39. 'The Pretty Robot is a Herald of Death'
  40. 'Race on Murder Highway!'
  41. 'Cinderella Girl'
  42. 'The Air Force Base is Targeted!'
  43. 'Peer Through the Camera Viewfinder!'
  44. 'Beat the Fake Ken!'
  45. 'When the Cuckoo Clock Strikes Three'
  46. 'Terror! The House of the White-Haired Crone!'
  47. 'The Great Juralian Counterattack'
  48. 'Showdown on the Solitary Island!'
  49. 'The Delinquent's True Colors!'
  50. 'Save the Orphan Center!'
  51. 'Stray Dog Koro'
  52. 'Blow Up the Undersea Oil Field!'
  53. 'The Suspicious Bride'
  54. 'Spooky! The Waxwork Museum'
  55. 'The Ones They Met in Egypt'
  56. 'Runaway! Horseback Ken'
  57. 'The Antarctic Amusement Park'
  58. 'Circus of Fiends'
  59. 'Forest of Terror'
  60. 'Tsunami Attack'
  61. 'Barican's Old Friend Pays a Visit'
  62. 'Crisis at the Agricultural Complex!'
  63. 'Defeat the Murderous Boxer!'
  64. 'Explosion! The Mammoth Control Center'
  65. 'Victory! Chargeman Ken'

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