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Drinking Game / Chargeman Ken!

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DISCLAIMER: this page is for entertainment purposes only. DO NOT ATTEMPT. Chargeman Ken! is toxic enough without alcohol.

  • Every time Ken abuses his sister Caron, take a drink.
  • Every time Ken abuses his "pet robot" Barican, take a drink.
  • Every time Ken behaves like a prepubescent horndog-in-training, take a drink.
    • Take two when the target is his teacher.
  • Every time Ken's mother goes horribly off-model from the shoulders up, take a drink.
  • Every time you look at Barican and ask yourself, "WTF?!", turn off the TV, down a fifth a la Bluto, and pass out on the couch.
  • Now we come to the "thimble for a shot glass" portion of our game. Why, you ask? Because any more than that will send you to the ER—or the morgue—in very short order. You've been warned. Remember, just a thimbleful...
    • Every time Ken fries a Juralian.
      • Two every time Ken fries a Juralian ship.
    • Every time the sound effects team drops the ball.
    • Every time you notice the same sequence of cels used over and over again.
    • Every time there's a cut with absolutely no movement whatsoever.
    • Every time the background art is inappropriate, inexplicable, or both.
  • Whenever Ken does his transformation sequence, skip the alcohol and do yourself a favor: close your eyes, plug your ears, and count down exactly 20 seconds (trust me). Or, if you're a happy drunk, annoy the crap out of your family and sing along: "Glow, Glow, Ken!"
  • Every time the abysmal lack of in-between cels makes you doubt your own eyes, give yourself a better reason and take a drink.
  • Every time there's a plot point so hilariously inane that it makes you do a spit take, pause the DVD, go to the fridge, and grab another six-pack. You'll need it.
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