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Headscratchers / Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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  • In "Lasagna", Carl is prevented from pursuing Shake's lasagna dish because the latter keeps trailing it out of boundaries of the electric fences implemented outside of his front yard to keep Carl on house arrest. Said fences aren't blocking Carl's garage door; why couldn't he just exit out that way and pursue the lasagna from the sidewalk? That certainly would have saved him from jumping to his near-death and ending up hospitalized as he tried making a jump to get it.
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  • In "Dickesode", how were they able to peel off the bottom of fast food soda cups? Anyone who's gotten a soft drink from a fast food restaurant knows that it's impossible to peel off the bottoms (unless you shove your fingers through the bottom while the drink is still in there, but they clearly grabbed the edges to rip them off).
  • Do Shake's contents serve as his internal blood/organs and something he can't function without? If someone were to remove his lid or drink all the milkshake out of him, would he die? What's more confusing is sometimes when he falls to the ground, a simple sound of an empty paper cup being dropped is heard, which is unusual for a cup with contents in it.
  • The Aqua Teens are food yet still eat food themselves. Is this cannibalism? Most of the foods they consume aren't portrayed being sentient like them, but it still begs the question of why they need to eat if they're food themselves and can even satisfy humans' biological hunger.
    • Everything is food to something else, ourselves included, and we still need to eat. Also, humans are animals but we still eat animals, that's not cannibalism. It would only be cannibalism if they ate a meal of sentient meatballs and fries with sentient shakes to wash it down.

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