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Tear Jerker / Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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  • Shake's death in "Muscles". In a rare moment of compassion, both Frylock and Meatwad are equally distraught at what happened to Shake. This is likely due to Shake not being a total Jerkass in the episode and as such is genuinely sympathetic.
  • "Aqua Teen Dream", a small tribute to the series written for the finale, and performed by Patti Smith.
  • In the finale itself, we have the deaths of Master Shake and Frylock.
  • "I'll Be Home This Christmas", especially for those who can relate to it.
  • "Party All the Time" can hit pretty hard. Frylock ends up developing skin cancer. Shake, Meatwad, and even Carl are heartbroken over this, with Shake comforting Meatwad as he worries of the possibility of Frylock dying.
  • Jubilee. Dear God. She's stuck in a porno ring by Knapsacky, with her not wanting any involvement with it. She ends up crying on the set near the lake, with Knapsacky pretty much making it clear he cares more about the profit than her.
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  • “Larry Miller Hair System” sees Carl witnessing a alternate, more happier version of himself if he had hair. Carl isn’t pleased with this, and gives his alternate self advice that completely ruins his life. Hair!Carl loses his job, his wife and kids leave him, and then he shaves his hair to look like the real Carl. In total despair, Hair!Carl kills himself with a shotgun. The worst part is that Carl isn’t bothered by what he did.
  • You can't help but feel bad for the Zeebles in "Storage Zeebles"; Carl buys a storage unit hoping to find some Nazi antiques in it, and instead discovers a Sugar Bowl of an alternate dimension. So what does Carl do? Take advantage of the Zeebles' kindness, pillage all their resources and bulldoze everything else. Carl even goes as far as to steal their sun, which screws out of the ceiling like a giant lightbulb. Even when their king is outright begging Carl to stop, he makes it overwhelmingly clear that he doesn't give two shits if they all starve and die, dooming an entire world's inhabitants out of sheer, apathetic greed. Which all makes seeing Carl get his balls ripped off by the Night Wolf all the more satisfying.
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  • In one of the series finale episodes, Meatwad grows up—he gets married, starts a family, has a steady job and stable life. Once his kids are old enough, he takes his family to the old Aqua Teen house. The Shake-shaped doorway has been covered up and the house repainted, Carl's pool has been removed for some time (and Meatwad doesn't remember his name), and from the glimpse we get inside the house it's completely different than in the series. Nobody's home when Meatwad knocks, leavong him to drive away with his family—he's not sad, the music doesn't turn dramatic, and all in all the episode ends on a rather downplayed, bitterweet note. The real Tear Jerker comes from the Truth in Television of it all—sometimes, despite all the fun and wild adventures you might have in your youth, you settle down and drift apart from your old friends and life. And sometimes, all that's left are fun memories to hang onto. After thirteen seasons, it can be a hard thing for an audience to see.

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