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Nightmare Fuel / Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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Despite being a show that mainly thrives off surreal and vulgar humor, there's several instances where the episodes cross from funny into downright disturbing.

  • Santa Claus getting his skin burned off by Eggzilla, not dying, and getting his skin replaced by soccer balls.
  • Dr. Wong Burger in "The Creature from the Plaque Lagoon". He's done painful surgery in an attempt to obtain his original form resulting in a monster that resembles a tooth and a dick.
  • Even by the standards of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Halloween episode "The Shaving" takes the gold medal. The opening scene features a really creepy Eye Scream. The actual episode features a "harmless" onion monster named Willie Nelson (he likes juice!) whom Master Shake tries to help become scarier. With less than a minute to go before the end credits, we see what's in the attic... Dozens of bloody corpses piled like cordwood and hanging from the ceiling. Turns out the juice he drinks? It's human blood. Which he then gets by ripping Carl's arms off. Understandably horrified, the Aqua Teens book it and board up the attic.
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  • The closet as seen in "Video Ouija" and "Dickesode" appears to be some kind of sentient pocket dimension full of blood and gore. In the latter episode, Carl was lucky to have exited it alive after it ejected him.
    Frylock: I told you this closet is not to be opened! It is a horrible horrible place in there!
  • "Global Grilling". Shake buys a dangerous grill that burns a hole in the ozone layer, brings the temperature up to 242 degrees, melts the icecaps, and leads to the invasion of Mucous Men that conquer the planet in 12 years time. Luckily, that was All Just a Dream that Shake had.
  • "Couples Skate":
    • The last few seconds of the episode, after the piñata breaks open. It'll throw any arachnophobe viewer for a loop the first time around.
    • Paul is a perpetually screaming abomination that destroys the ATHF's house after they are taken hostage for failing to pay rent for four seasons..and because the landlord does not to fix a gas leak they caused. Explanation for his anger aside, this is by FAR the most disturbing creature ever depicted on ATHF; a writhing, gigantic amorphous mass of sickly white flesh with flailing tentacles, sharp teeth, and bulging bloodshot yellow eyes. And did we mention the screaming? This thing is a jumpscare every time it appears onscreen.
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  • The ending of "Super Birthday Snake", after Frylock reveals it was all a computer simulation, Meatwad whips out a shotgun and blows Frylock's head open. He then calls for Nathan, who is revealed to be a hideously deformed zombie-like giant rabbit and then crawls into Frylock's open head to eat Frylock's brains. Which is then revealed to be a computer simulation that Frylock is undergoing as Meatwad complains Frylock needs to listen to him more and that he's going to eat Frylock's brains.
  • "Frylegs" is pretty disturbing. First, we see Frylock trying to impress a girl with a mecha-like contraption which walks in a really off-putting way. Then, he starts stalking her. Then he kills her boyfriend when he tells him to back off...and wears his mutilated corpse as a suit before it's revealed that she's a Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller.
  • In "Total Re-Carl," the gang tries rebuilding Carl's body after an unfortunate incident with an invisible turbo-toilet. They try making one from scratch using black market organs, but the only organs they can obtain are eyeballs. They try for it anyways, but the...result can be easily summed up by Shake's comment.
    Shake: If I woke up looking like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.
  • In the episode "Hoppy Bunny", Carl plays a flute that sends millions of prehensile wires down his throat, invading his organs and nervous system internally, which force him to dance. Midway through the episode, Frylock tries fixing him, and it seems like Carl has a solution, though he can't easily convey it since he can hardly speak with the flute wedged in his mouth. It eventually turns out that the solution is death, and he somberly begs Frylock to kill him. Worst of all, Frylock refuses and Carl spends the rest of the episode trapped in A Fate Worse Than Death.
  • In "Antenna", Carl agrees to have an alien radio tower installed onto his house. The waves' side effects include excessive, unstoppable nosebleeds, an obsessive addiction to watch alien TV, and horrendous brain tumors. The aliens try "helping" Carl by advising him to tilt his head back (which, as any person with common sense would know, is a horrible idea and would only fill your stomach up with your own blood). By the end of the episode, Carl's spine is broken from bending back so far, he's mutated thanks to all the tumors, and his living room is literally ankle-deep in the gallon of blood his nose has shed. Also, Frylock, Meatwad, and George Lowe are victim to the same fate.
  • "Handbanana":
    Handbanana: (points at Carl)
    • Carl clones his own dog, Spaghetti, from his own DNA straight out of the Uncanny Valley, complete with Human feet, to take revenge on Handbanana. Spaghetti has...other ideas.
    Spaghetti: You know we got a lot in common here... (beat) I'm gonna rape you!
  • "Freedom Cobra" definitely qualifies, especially the ending. Shake ends up getting a tattoo that can talk, and the tattoo forces him to consume human flesh to help it grow. By the end of the episode, Frylock takes Shake to a surgeon to have the tattoo removed, only for the surgeon to reveal that the tattoo made him cut off his hands so Shake can eat them. Shake is then seen with the tattoo covering his entire body, along with some plastic surgery that makes him look really uncanny, vowing that he’s going to continue to eat people. And as the icing on the cake, during the credits, the music is replaced with people screaming in terror.

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