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  • All of "Party All The Time". Everyone's Played for Comedy attributes are employed... Shake is willing to destroy the sun if Frylock is cured of his cancer. Meatwad's line "Well, you should tell them that you don't have cancer" is fucking brutal.
    • Shake, Meatwad, and Carl trying to console one another after Frylock is diagnosed with cancer. Sure, a lot of the episode has the show's typical Black Humor, but... hell, even Shake is worried about him. Shake, Carl, and Meatwad all treat things as though they aren't protected by series-induced immortality. And by this point in the franchise, Frylock has never died. Not once. (Not counting Super Birthday Snake, where his death was within a very realistic simulation) He's effectively the only character whose death could actually be permanent. Antenna changed that, but the point stands.
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  • In "Bad Replicant", after it is established that Frylock and Meatwad aren't fooled by Major Shake, they get along really well and strike friendly conversation. It helps that Major Shake is one of the nicer and more rational characters on the show.
  • Arguably, the opening of Last Dance For Napkin Lad. Sure it's brief but compared to what Shake has put Meatwad through it the past it was a Pet the Dog moment.
  • The ending to "Mail-Order Bride", where Meatwad gives a heartbroken Carl a stick as a Christmas present. It obviously doesn't make Carl feel any better, but it's still pretty sweet of Meatwad to try and cheer him up.
  • A big YMMV: in the movie Shake kills Meatwad out of pure craziness but his reaction a few seconds later is pretty much one of the few times, if the only time, we see him genuinely remorseful for his actions, showing some degree of concern for Meatwad.
    • It's actually very revealing: Shake believes that Meatwad is invincible, and therefore, he can harm him with impunity. When it appears otherwise, though...
  • In A PE Christmas, Meatwad is given the chance to sing "Silent Night" for Shake's Christmas-themed rap album. It's actually done extremely sweetly, even if Master Shake's eel-induced diarrhea is loudly heard in the background. Better yet, Flavor Flav likes it! Bonus points go to Michael the sound board technician, who records Meatwad's song even though Master Shake ordered him not to.
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  • A lot of Frylock's interactions with Meatwad are this in a way. He comes across as something of a father or older brother figure.
  • The end of the series finale: After over a decade of abuse from Master Shake and overall being the Butt-Monkey of the trio, Meatwad gets married, starts a family, and overall finally leads a happy, normal life. Earn Your Happy Ending, indeed. ......Too bad that wasn't the true finale.
  • The entire series finale bounced between this and massive tearjerker. Special notices for when Carl actually helps out and shows remorse when Frylock dies, Shake apologizes for all the abuse he gave Meatwad, admitting it was to help strengthen him, and how Shake and Meatwad did everything they could to save Frylock, especially with Shake sacrificing himself to distract the clams from Meatwad.
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  • Although the actual finale ended with Shake killed, Frylock and Carl wrongfully put in prison and can't end their sentence because they're both now immortal (not to mention that Frylock became a white supremacist), and Meatwad now an old man, and it looks as though this is how the series is going to end, it's a little relieving to see that Shake, Meatwad, Frylock and Carl okay after they see the ending on TV. Really, it's just good to see that after all that, they're still fine.
  • In "Multiple Meat," Although it's brief until you find out why he's doing so, seeing Carl playing Poker with the Meatwads is rather sweet.
  • A single line from Master Shake in season five's Hoppy Bunny. "I love family night." Seeing the usually confrontational and abusive Shake peacefully playing a board game with the rest of the ATHF, and actually expressing happiness at such a simple thing is oddly heartwarming.
  • In "Hospice", we see Carl chewing out his mother for the bad decisions she made that led to her awful health and trying not to break down while doing so. For all his berating, he really does love her deep down.
    • Then at the end of the episode, we see (via flashbacks) that Carl and his mom had a good relationship for most of his life.
    • And then they make up and admit their love to each other. Awwwww. But then, his mom proceeds to burn Carl anyways.
  • At the beginning of "Rabbit, Not Rabbot", when Master Shake arrives home, Frylock, clearly concerned, asks Shake where he's been for the past few days and says he called the police and the hospitals while he was gone, a rare gesture of kindness considering how much Frylock and Shake bicker. Nice to see, even if it wasn't the real Master Shake.
  • In "Super Birthday Snake", Carl comes over and shows respect for Frylock's loss, giving him a fruit roll-up and saying that he was planning to make him a casserole as a condolence but didn't get around to it, and doesn't raise his voice despite his concern and irritation over all the noise Frylock made partying, and has a pitying look as he says that Frylock's changed. While it's revealed this was a simulation, it was outright called a "very realistic simulation", so it's still likely that Carl would've actually come over to show his condolences and would've been respectful to Frylock if Shake and Meatwad actually died.
    Carl: Here. It's a, uh, Fruit Roll-Up. I was gonna make ya a casserole for ya...for ya loss but, uh...but I didn't. I was gonna yell my brains out at ya, but, because of your loss, I might just gently ask: What happened last night with all the noise?
  • In "The Cloning", the Aqua Teens' new TV malfunctions and starts playing weird TV shows with the Aqua Teens themselves as the main characters. One of the shows features Frylock randomly pulling out a gun and killing Master Shake with it, and Meatwad, who is watching the show and thinks it is real, is visibly worried for Shake. Given how much Meatwad normally hates Shake, and all the abuse the latter has put him through, it's touching to see that he really does care for him.
  • In “Video Ouija”, Shake tries to commit suicide in order to become a ghost and haunt Meatwad. Frylock saves him from dying and when Shake actually succeeds in killing himself, Frylock actually tries to bring him back to life.

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