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  • When are we ever going to actually see "Uncle Lou"? Everytime there's a guessing game as to who's hiding behind the door, or who's making that sound, we get, "Is it (placeholder)? A (placeholder)? Or Uncle Lou? Everytime. And yet, I honestly can't remember ever seeing a video on this show that featured a middle aged guy bugging out his eyeballs and swallowing his face.
    • I think the actual "Uncle Lou" clip came from the Fuentas/Fugelsang era.
  • Why did everyone hate the Fuentes/Fugelsang era? I know they don't have reruns, but no reasons are listed as to why everyone hated the era. The only things listed are that people hated the hosts, with nothing explaining why.
    • From what I recall about that era (having not actually seen those episodes in years), the only real issue is it was very awkward having two hosts. It often seemed like Daisy and John were vying for attention and laughs, plus the two didn't have a lot of chemistry to begin with. But, that's not to say there weren't some good moments or recurring segments. Their "Bad News, Good News" segment carried over into the Bergeron era for example.


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