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  • The series makes it a point to show that Reality Ensues when certain things are revealed on the documentary, such as getting a teacher fired, breaking up relationships, ruining reputations, etc. Despite this, several students are shown drinking while underage or smoking pot on camera, but nothing comes of it. We know for a fact that certain authority figures saw the footage, so you'd think there might be some issue there.
    • It's possible that these incidents were too minor to note. The biggest ramifications for these random revelations might have been simply having some kids get yelled at by their parents, and the kids simply didn't make a stink about it to the documentarians.
    • Given that most of those incidents were posted to social media, it's probable that their punishments were already over by the time the documentary started!
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  • In Dumbass Has a Point on the series page, Dylan's brother Cooper says that he warned Dylan before starting high school not to take Ms Shapiro, as Cooper's previous behavior "already burned all the bridges for him", and Dylan (rightfully) points out that he had to take a foreign language. But Hanover High has 958 students note , and enough resources to have it's own tv studio and news show, at least. Wouldn't it offer more than one foreign language? Why didn't Dylan just take French? Or at the very least, go to the school and explain the situation and ask for a different Spanish teacher? If students have to take a foreign language all four years, either as school policy for Hanover or as a college requirement, note  even if Spanish is the only language offered, there's no way Ms Shapiro is the only teacher Hanover has for it. (just with the assumption of 20 students a class x seven classes a day=140 students a day. Even for a small school, that's barely one grade level!)
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  • on the main page, it's mentioned that Dylan will go to jail for spray painting a dick on Ms Shapiro's driveway. Um, why? The whole danger of Dylan going to jail for the parking lot vandalism was because it was $100,000 worth of damages and thus a felony crime. Spray painting a driveway is about $100 worth of damages, which makes it a misdemeanor at best. So why was Dylan dragged out of bed and arrested in the middle of the night? It's not like the police looked stupid because of Dylan being cleared - he hadn't even been charged with a crime. The police don't even get mentioned in the documentary. The only ones who look bad are the school board - and even then, Peter admitted right from the start that they had a very strong case against Dylan. Does Ms Shapiro have a friend on the force or something?
  • Maybe I missed it, but in season 2, how was Grayson able to get the box of supplies for the Shit Launcher into the back room where the shirt launcher cannons were?
    • He didn't. If you listen carefully to Jenna Hawthorne's interview, she reveals that The Turd Burglar aka Grayson sent her co-ordinates, leading her to the same alley where Peter had to dig through the poop with chopsticks. There Jenna found a box with typed instructions, zip-locked bags of cat poop dust, and TTB T-shirts note . One of the points in the note was that Coach Devlin always left the locker rooms unlocked during the team's rehearsal/warm-up, which is what gave Jenna access to the shirt cannons.
  • But where did Grayson get the Malitol he left in the box for Kevin in the alley to use in causing the Brownout? It's established that Jenna didn't get it from her family company, and the show gives the impression that to get a bottle full of the powdered Malitol like that would take a pharmaceutical connection. So how did a guy who repairs cellphones for a job get it?

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