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  • Pretty much anytime there's a video involving a marriage proposal, it will fall under this and Funny Moment.
  • As far as weddings go, you're gonna have a tough time topping this guy. Oh, GLORY!!
  • One early clip had two little girls sitting at a table eating pizza. One of the girls ate the other's slice and was caught, the other girl bursting into tears. Instead of the slugfests that usually happen on the show, the first girl actually apologizes, then offers her pizza instead. The other girl cries out that she's sorry and hugs the first girl, quickly making up.
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  • Tom Bergeron's farewell episode ends with him walking off the set and towards a golf cart where Bob Saget is waiting. Tom mentions wanting to do something different, dismisses kicking someone in the balls in favor of buying a trampoline. As long as it was dangerous. Then, the two ride off into the night...
  • The ending montage from the 30th Anniversary special "America, this is you!" showing some clips of heartwarming moments from the shows' past (pregnancy announcements, wedding proposals, a returning soldier meeting their kid at the airport, et al) set to a slow, acoustic remix of the original theme. (The lyrics make it work: "you're the red, white, and blue...the funny things you do...America, this is you.)
  • The first episode of 2022 aired shortly after the death of Bob Saget, and the episode opened by Alfonso Ribiero eulogizing Bob with a short montage of Saget’s funnier hosting moments with a sentimental and slow piano rendition of the show's theme song playing during Alfonso Ribiero's speech.
    • Two years ago, Ken Shimura, the Japanese comedian who inspirited AFV by his show Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV, also passed away by Covid-19 (same with Bob). AFV twitter took a tribute tweet for him, shown they never forget their root, their origins, and humor can beyond nation.