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America's Funniest Home Videos pretty much runs on this trope. We'd be taking a whole year trying to find every funny moment, considering that this show is a Long Runner, but here is just a few moments that stick out.

  • The infamous hornet's nest video from Nincompoop-a-Rama.
  • The Overly Long Gag of a little girl singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" (Well, the first few words at least). Bob Saget's reaction is priceless.
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  • A video was shown featuring a guy "head-butting" horseshoes. The first time, his helmet fell off. The second time, his friend said "Wait, the helmet!"—this show loves Amusing Injuries. It's the loud "DING!" that is heard when the guy is hit by the horseshoe that seals it.
  • One time on an episode with the 'slow-mo gizmo' during the Tom Burgeron season they showed a clip with a video camera falling over, not funny in and of itself, until Tom freezes the clip right when the dad while pushing off on his son manages to grab his son's crotch
    Tom: Check out the grip! *entire audience erupts* Right now the chance of him ever having grandkids is decreasing exponentially.
  • Another episode with the slow-mo gizmo showed three guys riding a couch down a road. And it actually slides down it—until it hits a curb and the guys all fall off of it. (Don't try it at home!)
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  • On one episode, Tom announced that he would introduce the next set of clips in the fashion that they would be presented — backwards. He then proceeded to do some gibberish that sounded like talking in reverse, before walking off-set backwards.
  • The time when Tom just sat in the audience, this woman is laughing hysterically at him, and that's it. For quite a while. And Tom has the cheek to mouth "I'm not doing anything" towards the camera.
  • One episode showed a video in which a child shuts a piano cover down...on his mother's hands.
  • One video shows a guy clad in only white underwear jumping into a pool without the ladder, resulting in the pool exploding and all the water flowing against the grass.
    Tom: Nothing says "refreshing" like tighty whities and a homemade pool.
  • One video showed a sign that said "ADULT VIDEO". The camera then zoomed out to reveal a billboard placed next to it that said "Jesus is watching you"! (This was a $10,000 winner.)
  • Perhaps the best pinata clip features no violence whatsoever. The children manage to bust open the pinata, only to discover that there's nothing in it. The mother then says "Oh, they don't come with candy? You mean I have to buy it myself?"
    • Another unconventional pinata clip that's as heartwarming as it is funny has a little girl heartbroken by the sight of a dog-shaped pinata being broken open (doesn't help that the butt took the most damage). She tearfully claims it as her own, declaring "I love him!"
  • As guys race riding mowers around a farmyard and one crashes into the side of a building after a misguided jump, Tom quips "Call me a snob, but I just never cared for the chase scenes on Green Acres!"
  • The entire "Picture Book" montage from the December 4, 2005 episode. Highlights include:
    • A girl giving a Groin Attack to her dad with her fist,
    • A dad getting slapped while picking up something from a table, then the kid SLAPPING HIM AGAIN,
    • A woman falling through a chair,
    • A boy sharing his popsicle with his sister, and she sucks off every last bit of it,
    • And a bottle rocket failing to go in the sky and instead fly to a kid's crotch.
  • Another highlight from the December 4, 2005 episode is the video of a kid opening a model car present. The actual car inside? It was actually a live snake. The kid's reaction to the snake is priceless.
    • Could it be that he asked for a Cobra?
  • Another is a girl waking up her dad via Painful Body Waxing.
    Tom: To quote The Karate Kid......Wax On, Wax Off.
  • A woman, attempting to be sexy while singing karaoke, walks into the camera and makes it fall down and go black.
    Tom: She's got the rockstar thing down, both the dos and the don'ts.
  • Camera blackness and breakage seems to be a favored aspect of the show, as evident by the end of the December 11, 2005 "If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)" montage.
  • "When it comes to karaoke, even gravity's a critic." Cue the background behind the guy falling while he tries to sing.
  • One video showed a guy working on some wires. When he cut one, the power went out.
    Man: Son of a [BLEEP]!
  • A kid is shown wearing a dinosaur costume... with the tail stuck in his front. He keeps, ahem, banging on it in order for the tail to get back in its normal position.
  • "Watch out! It's a FLABALANCHE!!!!!!!!!"
  • In one video, an elderly man introduces a prank in which he places a coyote when they open the machine. The last clip features a woman who refuses to open the lid because she falls for this sort of thing all the time. So she makes her husband open it. She is still visibly alarmed by the jumping coyote.
  • "Is it a coincidence that you can't spell 'assembly' without the word......'embly'?
    • Tom then introduces the next set of videos by saying that they feature people making "emblies" out of themselves.
  • A low-budget school puppet show goes awry, resulting in the simple plastic-pipe stage collapsing. Tom comments: "We now return to PVC Theater...I don't mind when they break the fourth wall — but every wall?"
  • A video on their YouTube channel that shows two guys pulling off the infamous Diet Coke + Mentos experiment in a rather creative way (close the bottle with the Mentos inside and then smack it on the ground). The bottle flies up and proceeds to knock the cameraman in the face.
  • In one video, a girl is shown watching the infamous K-fee zombie car commercial. She reacts by throwing her phone against the wall.
  • One recurring clip shows a toddler playing with his toy golf kit. After a bit, his mother asks him if he can play golf like his daddy. He hits a golf ball...and tosses the club with a loud: "DAMN IT!"
  • One of the show's most memorable moments had a kid jumping up on top of the family's refrigerator in an attempt to, according to Bob's "commentary", to scare his mother in a prank. After realizing that his father was with her, he tried to jump off of the fridge...only for him to get his shorts caught on the the door, causing it to tip over at an angle and having all the food fall out of it. In the end, his dad had to help him get free.
  • A woman approaches her dog with a birthday cake piece, while singing "Happy Birthday". During the song, the dog sits up and knocks the cake plate to the ground, causing the cameraman to burst out laughing. Clip.
  • In one of Tom Bergeron's final episodes, Tom spots a woman in the audience who has fallen asleep.
  • This gem from Bergeron's last episode as host:
    "I've hosted AFV for 15 years. That's half my life." (audience laughs, Bergeron scowls at them)
  • There's a clip where a woman is freaking out, screaming and acting like she's being attacked. And she is…by a finch. Then, when the bird flies after her son, she screams "OH GOD! DANNY, RUN!" before yelling at her other son "SAVE YOUR BROTHER!"
  • A Chuck E. Cheese birthday party gone horribly wrong.
  • A Saget-era video (good enough to turn up again in the Bergeron era) had a family watching the Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World. The Abraham Lincoln animatronic malfunctioned in the middle of the show and as he spoke, he bent backwards as if he was doing the limbo!
  • A clip about an American Revolutionary war reenactment had a family meeting with British redcoat actors. One of the soldiers asked a little girl who the king was. The girl answered "Elvis?" to the amusement of the soldiers.
  • "Pop Go My Trousers": A clip featuring a boy pumping a balloon that he stuffed in his pants. He inflates it too much, causing it to break and he keels over in pain.
  • One finalist video from 2010 features a family on Christmas morning. As the son opens one present, he and his father playfully whack each other with the wrapping paper, escalating into the son whacking the dad on the head with the still unopened gift itself. The dad doubles over in pain, and the son opens the present to discover that it contained a frying pan.
    Tom: If you're going to be hitting people with your presents, it helps to open them first.
  • Even the John Fugelsang/Daisy Fuentes era had its moments. In the intro to the sentimental old-man-and-his-dog clip "Grandpa and Max", John comments that the clip is so heartwarming that anyone cynical and cold-hearted should avoid it. So Daisy immediately gets up and walks offscreen. As he then adds that it might turn said cynical hearts, however, she slowly leans back into the shot, curious...
  • One clip had the family as usual talking about how they lost their tv remote awhile ago. They unwrap one of the gifts....and find both the gift AND the old tv remote inside!
  • Many of the show's slingshot ride videos, such as this popular recurring one with a boy and his dad:
    Son: (screaming)
    Dad: You're okay, Drew!
  • A finalist video from 2019 shows a little girl announcing to her parents that she just cleaned her room all by herself for the very first time. Her parents find that her room is indeed spotless. The hallway just outside her room on the other hand....
  • One of their newest youtube videos is titled "$1,000,000 worth of fails" among the things broken are two cars (the trailer carrying one somehow became detached and smashed into a neighbor's car off-camera), New teeth (a person banging a skateboard on concrete has the wheels come up and hit him in the mouth), several new windows, two new laptops (with some of the cost saying the old laptop needs therapy) and a new treadmill when a kid somehow breaks the handles off of one (it's actually an elliptical but still).


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