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  • Stephanie had the Sceptre. They needed to stop the Accelerator. Why the hell didn't they use the former to destroy the latter?
    • Maybe destroying it, instead of shutting it down properly, will actually cause the magic-explosion they are trying to prevent.
  • Fletcher can teleport anywhere he's been. He demonstrates the ability to teleport into the ocean at the end of Book 4. So why the hell didn't he just teleport Dusk there and turn the fight into a Curb-Stomp Battle?
    • Maybe because Dusk is so freaking awesome he'd kill Fletcher in the second it took them to teleport?
    • The thing is that in the fight Fletcher DOES teleport him. They just return with Fletcher unconscious and Dusk none the worse for wear. It still stands to reason that Fletcher could have killed him by taking him to the ocean.
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    • Also, remember that we're talking about the third book, pre-Level In Badass. When he got scared, he teleported at the most 12 feet away, to the bathroom, and this was just after he opened the gate to the Faceless One's world, so he's bound to be tired on top of terrified.
    • To clarify, the scene referred to is the fight at the football stadium in book four. To reiterate - he teleports somewhere undescribed and gets his ass handed to him, and yet mere minutes later he teleports the bomb out in the ocean. The fact remains that the series would be lacking a recurring villain rather quickly if Fletcher had remembered he could do that a little sooner.
    • Maybe Fletcher didn't know salt water kills vampires. Or he just can't always think on his feet.
    • Wait a moment, didn't they end up teleporting back after their fight? How the hell did they manage that if Fletcher was unconscious, I'd like to know?
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    • Also, If Valkyrie's coat is impenetrable, how was the fabric cut to make the cat?
  • How did Scapegrace's murder dozens of mortals (twice) without anyone noticing? Geoffrey can't hypnotize everyone they knew, surely that number of people dying with no trace of their bodies can't go unnoticed.
    • People disappear. A lot. In Ireland, 4,000 people go missing each year. A hundred more or so wouldn't really get anyone's attention, especially if no-one saw them being killed.
      • 4,000 in one country. How many disappear each year in that city?
      • I should point out that IRL Ireland has 4 million people and over a quarter of those are in Dublin, where Scapegrace does his thing.
      • I can't find exact stats, but most people do go missing from cities. Try to see it from a normal perspective—there's nothing to connect the victims, no particular pattern, no evidence that they've even died, and if Gerald's any guide it's unlikely they would even be reported missing for a while. All the cops would note is an increased spike in missing persons, which does happen from time to time. There's nothing they can really investigate. For a bit of trivia, my previous figures were wrong, last year 7,000 went missing from Ireland. (But "... over 95% are located within a short period of time".)
  • Why did all the main characters choose English names? They were born hundreds of years ago... wouldn't they have chosen Gaelic names?
    • Some might have been living inside the Pale (an area around Dublin that was completely under English control since the 1500s) and, while they didn't exactly weed out the Irish language, quite a bit of Ireland was under English control by 1600 and pretty much all of it except Connacht by the mid 1650s. Also sorcerer communities seem to be kind of tight-knit, which might sort of be an explanation for the fact that there are like ten mages knocking around with English names despite being at least 400.
    • Alternatively, they did have the names originally in Gaelic and merely switched to having them in English once that became the normal language.
    • You would still expect some sorcerers with names in Middle English if they were born around the early 1600s considering that's supposedly the last time it was used admittedly not many but one or two at least
  • As the reflection has been said to share Valkyrie's perspective on things why would she do things that Valkyrie thinks of as immoral? Valkyrie would never kill her cousin or plot to kill herself. And why wouldn't the reflection just talk to Valkyrie about how she feels? Take over Stephanie's life while Valkyrie moves in with Skulduggery. She knows how Valkyrie would react. And since she has thesame perspective and memory on things why does she talk about how she deserve's Stephanie's life more than Valkyrie? And why would Carol's reflection obey Valkyrie's reflection but not step in to help Carol? Also, how would the reflection have a normal happy life if she kills all those people, even an Elder? She'd be noticed and people would be after her, not just leave her alone. Valkyrie wouldn't have made such a stupid plan, why would her reflection?
    • The reflection is growing apart from Valkyrie. It has it's own perspective. Valkyrie sees what the reflection wants it to see. It's resentful (it's more or less a slave that has to do as its told) and far more violent than Valkyrie (which is really saying something). Half the time, it's lying through its teeth. Valkyrie would never let the reflection take over her life because it means she loses her family. The reflection isn't likely to trust her because of that one time she let Skulduggery shoot it in the head. "Stephanie" will manage to get away with it if she blames Darquesse for everything. Who would suspect the reflection over the witch queen of Dublin?
    • What I want to know is how on Earth the reflection expects to stop Skulduggery. He'll know in an instant that she's not Valkyrie, and in that instant, annihilate her for hurting Valkyrie, or even planning to kill Valkyrie. The reflections know very well what would happen... why take the risk of taking Valkyrie out when it's almost guaranteed you will die immediately after?
      • She explicitly says that she intends to deal with Skulduggery by murdering the feck out of him, presumably with the Sceptre of the Ancients.
    • As for allegiance of Carol's reflection - remember that it is the mirror that thinks, reflection being merely a controlled projection. The mirror has gone mad, so all reflections from it (including Carol's) are in on the evil scheme.
  • How comes it is still so hard for Valkyrie to use her Elemental Powers??? In Book 6, she is attacked by Moore and cannot use it! At some point she even has time to rummage through her clothes for the necromancer ring, but still cannot concentrate enough for a fireball!
    • Valkyrie is notorious for not practicing her skills like she should, and being over confident about it. She also has a bit of a problem with panicking in a fight—desperately rummaging for a ring doesn't require any concentration at all, but sending out a fireball does. That's actually why she favors necromancy, because she's able to use it more as a blunt weapon while elemental magic needs some thought put into it. Besides which, she's practicing two different schools of magic, which divides her focus somewhat. And, many of the characters that display powerful magic skills have very long lifespans to practice from—maybe magic is just really hard to learn.
    • Not only is Valkyrie too lazy to spend much time practising, it's also noted on several points that it takes a very long time to become competent in Elemental magic. Assuming Skulduggery has been consistently practising Elemental magic, it's taken him a few centuries to reach flight.
  • If reflection wants to kill Valkyrie, why did she passed the opportunity up in Death Bringer? She could help Moore and then dispatch of him, which would be a much better plan than what it plans now!
    • In Last Stand of Dead Men, it's somewhat implied that the reflection doesn't actually want to kill Valkyrie if it has other options available—it's not a psychopath. It kills Carole so that it can protect itself and its family from Darquesse and anyone else who might object to its survival—Valkyrie and Skulduggery included. Besides which, Moore is a grown, powerful man who was more than a match for Valkyrie, and without the ability of magic the reflection may not have been able to subdue him on its own.
  • What would happen if the reflection got, say, a haircut and Valkyrie didn't? In all of the illustrations, Val's hair is identical, but it would have grown at some point, and her parents must have said at some point "OK, Steph, you're hair's way too long. You need a haircut. But then Valkyrie would come home from fireball practice and they'd have thought, OK, your hair's growing suspiciously quickly..."
    • Also, how does the reflection work? The thing is that Val can't wear anything with logos - or any watches - before she touches the mirror, because those objects get flipped (ie watch on right hand goes to left hand). Doesn't that mean the reflection's hairdo gets flipped as well, as do all her features? it might seem a minor point, but it isn't when you realise that things like faces and hairstyles are asymmetrical in reality.
      • I'd say so, but how many times have you studied the asymmetrical aspects of someone's face or hair? Of course, the idea behind the Reflection is that it's only supposed to be used sparingly, so that close ones don't catch on (although the focus is more on behaviour in the books) Val's reliance on hers is what causes problems later on.
  • In Dying of the Light, why didn't Valkyrie and Skulduggery take the Sceptre of the Anicients to the alternate dimension? In Kingdom of the Wicked it is established that taking the sceptre short circuits it and (once it is charged by someone with magic) it is free to be used by the next person who claims it.

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