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Saracen Rue has X-Ray vision.
  • Just look back at all the times he's flaunting his abilities. It seems to fit the limits of what he "knows".
    • Finally confirmed in Seasons of War.

There's going to be a tenth book.

  • Derek himself said that there are still some unanswered questions which he couldn't answer in TDOTL, he'll probably do a tenth book after he's finished his other new series.
    • Confirmed. It was released in summer 2017.

Skulduggery knew what the Passage entailed and wanted to break down the barriers between life and death to see his wife and child again.

  • It's a better reason than a blind Roaring Rampageof Revenge
    • It's entirely possible. It's not like Skulduggery's gonna say that out loud.

The girl Ghastly's mother saw dying was Valkyrie's reflection.

It seems like we're working towards it/her becoming self aware. And it's supposed to be a very good match for Valkyrie because she's used it so much; how would you tell the difference?

Darquesse is actually Valkyrie's reflection.

That's how Darquesse can be killing people and Valkyrie can still be running around and fighting Darquess

  • I call genius. Bonus Points for you, sir.
  • I was thinking so too, but it was said reflections had no magic powers whatsoever, so it has to gain some before this can happen.
    • Alternatively...

  • Almost certain that Darquesse is the reflection. Backed up by the Unnamed in Mortal Coil, Mevolents master who has no true name/source of magic (like the reflection) and is portrayed destroying a city with black fire (just like Darquesse).
  • Another thing that points to this is that in book five, Nye implies that a dead thing using death magic is goddamn badass. And, as the reflection was killed...
  • Yeah, and if the reflection is Darquesse it explains why in the visions Darquesse can kill Val's parents without much interruptions. The reflection has easier time reaching the parents downstairs. Still, can a reflection gains magic? Or maybe if one day it finally creates an identity on its own, it will no longer be a reflection and cannot go back into the mirror, thus become mortal?
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  • Can reflections use magical objects? The reflection is already starting to show some signs of self-awareness and independent thoughts. How long before these become emotions? Let's imagine the reflection sees what Valkyrie's parents think of her, and becomes jealous. It wants to feel love too, but can tell they don't love it as much as the real Valkyrie. One day, when Valkyrie comes home, the reflection ambushes her, and takes her ring. Leaving her unconscious,it takes the ring and slips downstairs, and waits. When Valkyrie regains consciousness, she calls Skulduggery. When he arrives, they both confront the reflection, and it kills Valkyries parents. That's what I imagine could happen.
  • True but her reflection is doing things that most reflections don't, e.g. changing clothes, hiding memories, gaining independent thought. And it doesn't strike me as a particularly moral being.
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  • Isn´t that whole thing already busted by Valkyrie actually physically becoming Darquesse (several times, at that)?
  • As of Book 7, it seems that the reflection has gained magic. And is calling itself "Stephanie". And wants to kill Valkyrie...
    • No, the reflection specifically states that it/she has no magic. She kills Carol with the Scepter of the Ancients, which doesn't need magic to be used. That's not much comfort, though.
  • Well, as of The Dying of the Light, it turns out that the girl with the gauntlet in the vision was really Valkyrie, with Darquesse being an Enemy Without possessing the reflection's body. Landy's been playing us from the very start.

Darquesse is actually Valkyrie, and the future Valkyrie is her reflection.

Because the reflection being Darquess is the much more obvious choice, and a Subverted Trope is always more unexpected.

  • But how could future Valkyrie be the reflection when, in the vision Cassandra showed Valkyrie and Skulduggery, future Valkyrie clearly remembered seeing her parents' death before, and pointed to the area from where current Valkyrie was viewing? Or does the reflection have all of Val's memories? Maybe I'm missing something.
    • Wouldn´t it be stupid if it hadn´t? I mean, how is the reflection supposed to lead Valkyries life when it does not have her memories? And these memories probably aren´t restricted to faces, names or math...
  • Seems to have been confirmed as of Last Stand of Dead Men, with Darquesse taking Valkyrie over in a way that's implied to be permanent and the reflection taking Valk's old equipment and trying to pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed, unbelievably.

Darquesse is actually Valkyrie's reflection possessed by a Remnant

If Darquesse were the reflection, it doesn't seem to make sense that it would simply become evil for no reason. We've already seen the effects a Remnant can have, as of Dark Days...

  • Um, remnants can´t posses reflections. Even though the reflection seems to become more and more abnormal, it´s still not real.
    • Yeah, I (previous troper) hadn't read that far at the time.

Skulduggery is Lord Vile

It is known that Lord Vile suddenly appeared as one of Mevolant's lieutenants, and then disappeared only a few years later. It is also known that Skulduggery disappeared for five years shortly after he was resurrected. It would also explain Skulduggery's history with the Necromancers.

  • Proven false by the apperance of Lord Vile at the end of book five.
    • Or is it? All we know is that someone was wearing Lord Vile's armor. That's happened before, and Craven is trying to bend someone to be the new Death Bringer. What better weapon than the greatest Necromantic weapon we've yet been informed of?
      • Proven correct by Book six. Skulduggery wasn't exactly sane after his death and resurrection, and had a flair for Necromancy, like Valkyrie, and was dead, supercharging it, thus being heralded as the death bringer. A full explanation is in the book.
  • Oh my god you´re right. Also, Skulduggery was most probably not always named Skulduggery because, well, he wasn´t always a skeleton. If there wasn´t a crazy random circumstance and he just happend to name himself like that, we don´t know his former name. So, does nobody know it or does nobody talk about it? It only comes to mind in hindsight, so this would probably be a really exciting revelation, however it turns out.
    • Actually Skulduggery means deceitful behavior/occurance/ a trick, and isn't actually related to skeletons. It just sounds cool and makes an oxymoron with his surname. So I'm pretty sure that's his taken name. Plus, he was a war hero before Lord Vile, and apparently you have to train to be a Necromancer from a young age- Valkyrie is an exception, and Skulduggery had a wife and child, so I really doubt he had a Necromamcer upbringing, and even if he did join up afterwards, would any amount of anger make him join the people who killed his family? No, I don't think so. Good theory, though. I think Lord Vile had something to do with resurrecting Skulduggery, and maybe the resurrection has to do with Vile joining Mevolent. Like Skulduggery's rage reached through the veil of death and sort of infected him, drove him mad, or the two have became linked in such a way that as long as Skulduggery exists Lord Vile does too. Actually Ghastly asked Skulduggery about his family crest in Mortal Coil, so I think they may be related (physically related, like maybe Lord Vile is his son. That would line up with his wanting to kill Valkyrie, feeling jealous of that, especially since she has been heralded as Death Bringer, taking his place)
    • Also a nice theory, and more likely than the first one.
    • You called it.
    • Awesome.

Darquesse is Valkyrie but a Vampire.
Well, Dusk said if he turned Valkyrie into a vampire, she would kill her parents first. It also explains why Valkyrie and Darquess can be in the same vision.
  • And why exactly can they?
    • It was daytime!

At some point of the story, Skulduggery will become Valkyrie´s enemy.
It is strongly implied that Skulduggery has a really really horrid backstory (another one than the one about his family) and he was not necessarily the victim. Also China, Ghastly and Shudder have no doubt he would kill Valkyrie without hesitation, if he had to. And even before that, Valkyrie is obviously getting more and more afraid of him. If he does not turn against her, there is certainly some problems drawing near.
  • Considering the epically disturbing fight scene in Death Bringer, I have to agree.

Clarabelle will be Evil in the next book.
  • Um...Explanation?
    • My logic is that Clarabelle has a really bad memory, and well, most people don't remember being possessed by a remnant. One guy did, and he sort of became a bit crazy. Admittedly not evil-crazy, but then, he sort of wasn't a good guy to start with. I was thinking maybe being being possessed sort of plugged up the gaps in her memory, and she remembers being evil and killing her sort-of mentor. She might then turn evil voluntarily, going crazy like Dalyrimple did, or, since she ran away, she might be a sitting duck for a bad guy who's out recruiting. Either way, she's alone at the moment, vulnerable, probably most likely to remember her experience, and her power has yet to be specified, hence the mad theory.

Jaron Gallow will be in the next book, maybe working with Remnant Tanith
  • He's mentioned in Mortal Coil, and I think he may want another, less mindless god to worship, like Remnant Tanith worships Darquesse. So they'll team up in effort to turn Valkyrie into Darquesse.
    • Or he may try to kill Darquesse, having being turned off mindless destructive Gods when they ripped off his hand.
    • He also seems a tad outclassed at the moment. 'Former member of Cult' doesn't quite match up to 'Mightiest General of Dark Lord', 'Assassin who can break your bones with a single touch', and 'Antichrist'.
  • Actually lots of previously stable characters have gone off in all directions, and they're going to have to turn up at some point, so I'm thinking of all kinds of weird team ups at the moment.
    • According to Skulpedia, Derek Landy said he is going to be in the next book. Who with is anybody's guess, though.
  • Well, he showed up. Sort of.

The Man with The Golden Eyes is Lord Vile
  • The Man who is in charge of the New Order is usually mentioned once per book since Playing With Fire. So is Lord Vile. Coincidence?
    • Yes.

Carol and/or Crystal will Take A Level In Badass before the series ends.
  • After all, they were shown to be at least not all terrible in Mortal Coil...
    • Sounds nice. Also, since they have the same ancestors as Valkyrie, they should have powers too.
      • Not necessarily on the powers thing. Gordon didn't have magic and he came from the same lineage too.
  • as of Kingdom of the Wicked, Real!Carol is no longer capable of this - but it's a different story for her reflection...

The Unnamed is...
  • Lord Vile
  • An Ancient
  • A Faceless One.
  • An Ancient possessed by a Faceless One.
  • A survivor of the alternate Universe the Faceless Ones broke into, who wants revenge for what the Ancients did.
  • Nonexistent. Nada. Mevolent made him up.
  • A Time Lord.
  • Darquesse gone back in time.
  • Darquesse as a Time Lord.
  • The Man with the Golden Eyes
  • The first of a new race of Faceless Ones that took the forms of humans.

Octopus-people DO exist.
  • When Skulduggery was teasing Valkyrie in front of Ghastly's shop back in the first book, he pretended that there were octopus-people, then quickly said there weren't. He was wrong. There ARE a species of octopus-people, and they think that Skulduggery is a horrible, horrible racist. No reason, Rule of Funny.

When Valkyrie is an adult she and Skulduggery will become a couple.
It just seems really freaking obvious.
  • That seems a bit difficult to accomplish, considering he's a skeleton.
    • Not all romantic relationships have to involve sexual relations.
      • Yes they do. That defines the 'romantic' part of the relationship as opposed to the 'platonic.' Besides, Skulduggery seems way too unstable to have any sort of healthy relationship with...anyone, really.
      • The troper above could be correct. In 'Last Stand Of Dead Men', Cassandra says that Valkyrie gets a new boyfriend. Also, when her latest vision is shown, Darquesse kills Skulduggery and when he's all separated, she grabs his skull and kisses it. Think what you want of that. But then again, seeing how Fletcher's girlfriend tries to kill him, he and Valkyrie might get back together.
      • Doing it with her reflection may put a damper on things. Just sayin'.
      • No, they really don't. For a start there are plenty of asexuals in romantic relationships.
      • No, they don't. Romance has to do with feelings- physicality is optional, not necessary. And more to the point of the guess, the skeleton thing might be sidestepped by the end. Darquesse can apparently revive herself from injuries as severe as death, and she mentions liking Skulduggery- she could plausibly put flesh back on him out of curiosity or something. It seems like the sort of thing she'd do.
  • The Valduggery ship always made me feel Squicked, not just because of the skeleton thing, but because they're like father and daughter (well, not father and daughter - more like a niece and her fun-loving uncle. In that way, Skulduggery is like a replacement for Gordon).
    • I agree. Skulduggery's more like a teacher than anything. It's kinda weird.
  • I am pining for it. Derek basically eliminated all other romantic options for her, what with her cheating on Fletcher and Caelan being subsequently being killed... Really all that's left is either Skulduggery, a new character, or her becoming a nun. Plus they're just cute together!
    • If by 'cute' you mean 'codependent,' then yes. They are very cute.
    • There was a plethora of young men interested in Valkyrie introduced during the ball in Death Bringer. The most likely candidat of those would be the one with the Faceless Ones worshipping father. she at least seemed rather interested in him.
    • "Becoming a nun"? What's wrong with simply being single? Besides, an ordinary relationship with a non-sorcerer isn't out of the question.
  • Guys... are we seriously going to have a Shipping related argument on the WMG page? Really?

Lord Vile is Skulduggery's brother or father
  • They obviously have known each other for a while, and Skulduggery refuses to fight him. Maybe that's because they're related.

Dr Nye will discover the location of the soul... by cutting open Tanith
Think about it. The remnant inside Tanith clearly knows where the soul is in the body- otherwise it wouldn't be able to crawl to it and merge with it. The remnant is now permanently merged with Tanith's soul, and it's presumably turned the soul a nice black colour... sort of like a giant black target. Nye will somehow get Tanith (perhaps Ghastly or Valkyrie will give her to him, in a last ditch attempt to save her) and slice her open, ending his quest and either curing Tanith or killing her in the process. Probably the last one. Or alternatively Tanith could tell Nye where the soul is... Either way, I bet they meet at some point and it's about this.
  • this sounds really, really plausible. After all, Nye didn't seem like it was gone forever.
  • Jossed. Nye-Prime never discovers the location of the soul, but his Alternate Universe counterpart did. And neither of them cut open Tanith.

Skulduggery and China Sorrows had a romantic relationship in the past and/or will end up together by the end.
It is sort of implied, and they're probably about the same age... I am also a shameless Skul/China shipper.
Skulduggery: I know what I'm doing.
Ghastly: When it comes to China Sorrows, you rarely know what you're doing.
  • The ship sunk. Badly. Unless you count him not killing her immediately after finding out what she did as Foe Yay.
  • Last Stand of Dead Men implied that they were a couple and that China still loved him.

The whole Caelan-Val thing is a HUGE Take That! against Twilight.
Okay, definately not a wild guess, but I may as well point it out for those who haven't guessed.
  • When I read that part I was "Derek you too?" But I accept is as a deconstruction reconstruction of vampire relationships.
    • It can be both a Take That! and a Deconstruction of vampires in general. I mean, Caelan inhabits a lot of vampire cliches. He's handsome, he confuses the heroine, he's quite creepy and has dangerous...but none of this is played as desirable. We can forgive Valkyrie for being confused and uncertain about who she likes better, Caelan or Fletcher, because I kind of doubt that Valkyrie knows much about common sense, what with the job she has and the people she hangs out with. However, Caelan is still played up as horribly creepy and unpleasant (to the reader), so he can be a Deconstruction of the vampire romances in general (what with dangerous=hot in a lot of them).
    • Oh, it was definitely a Take That!. Whatever subtlety Mortal Coil had is gone by Death Bringer. Edward and Bella are mentioned by name. Right before Caelan embraced his inner bunny boiler.
    • That chapter was actually called 'My Twilight'. It was that blatant.
Valkyrie will later run into her half-brother/sister.
In the first book, it mentions in passing a past relationship between Val's mother and her Uncle Gordon. Thanks to The Law of Conservation of Detail, this will prove to be absurdly important later on.
  • YES, and concidering the fortune, might have come to claim it and be an absolute jerk and knows notihng of the magic world.
  • If they're a guy (unless...), Incest Is Relative is optional.

Caelan will murder Fletcher.
  • Deconstructing the entire obsessive vampire romance genre. And if you want to go into the whole Darquesse thing... Valkyrie will rip him into shreds. Because this series occasionally like that...
    • Well I was half right.
      • More like Fletcher and Valkyrie brutally murder Caelan.

Kinda in the fridge
  • Skulduggery lost his wife and child. After I found that out, him keeping Valkyrie around was a little cute. She might remind him of his child, and what they might have grown up into. It also explains the giant Papa Wolf tendancies Skulduggary has, and how he's basically become like a second father to her. Now Skulduggery is getting unstable, so a downer ending might come from that.
    • (Afterthought from same poster)...but he did let her almost fall off a building, and put her in constant danger by taking her with him...
      • It's entirely possible that Skulduggery sort of sees Valkyrie as his dead child, but that still doesn't make him a good influence. As for Skulduggery becoming unstable, well, he kind of already was...

The remnant inside Clarabelle
was driven insane by Clarabelle in Mortal Coil.Spoilers: A remnant inhabited Clarabelle, and because this is, well, Clarabelle, the weird thoughts in her head drove her insane. In the book, Remnant!Clarabelle didn't look too bothered with keeping Darquesse/Valkyrie alive, just slashing her with a scalpel. Remnant!Clarabelle certainly acted like she was homicidally crazy, unlike other remnants.

Desmond has magic.
  • When Moore came at him, he didn't just throw him into the Pharmacy window. He manipulated the air. Either he knows about magic or it was just instinct and he's going to have a long, awkward conversation with Fergus in the next book.
  • I kindof thought that was inplied by Fergus´ story in The Death Bringer... Fergus didn´t only make him forget about the stories, they were obviously taught too (Fergus was).

Skulduggery knows his true name...
  • ...he just doesn't use it. At some point, Skulduggery found out his true name and had it sealed (presumably before he died). When a mage seal their true name, it increases their power greatly, and that's why Lord Vile can match Darquesse in power. Skulduggery/Vile just doesn't go by his true name like Val/Darquesse does.
    • The insane power is almost certainly because he is a dead thing using Necromancy, without any relation to his true name.

Valkyrie will choose Necromancy.
  • She wears a gauntlet in the Bad Future. Maybe Skulduggery gave her a piece of Lord Vile's armour.
    • Maybe it's actually the reflection in the bad future vision, and Valkyries Darquesse, and maybe the reflection is wearing the gaunlet because it has no magic of its own because of its lack of true name, and that its using Lord Viles gauntlet or something, because then it isn't technically its own magic.

The Man With The Golden Eyes is Skulduggery's Older Brother
  • Or another one of his siblings. It just seems like more focus has been placed on Skulduggery's backstory in the last book, and now we know his brother exists, I'm sort of expecting him to turn up, or be relevant. (Unless Landy just doesn't do anything related to Skul's family now, just to screw us around.)
    • Obviously, this didn't happen, but I still think Landy will do something with Skulduggery's family. (My money is on Crepuscular being Skulduggery's brother.)

Skulduggery will die by the end of the series.
  • There's a lot of hints in the series, mainly in two veins. Vein one, Skulduggery seems to match the protagonist profile of Gordon's books -he's presented as 'a good guy', has his morals and character brutally assassinated, finds redemption/is humbled and then is murdered in the least dignified way possible. At the start of the series he is shown to be Valkyrie's dream get-out-Haggard-free meal ticket, and the series hints at his past being darker and darker with small successive reveals slowly blackening his grey morality until the Big Reveal of Skulduggery being the senseless mass murderer, Lord Vile.. He's now humbled by the reveal of his resurrection being the result of "a Necromancer trick" and I am sensing even more of an atonement arc, and then... Bam. The other vein the hints seem to be taking is of Skulduggery being able to 'Move On' - it's referenced by many of the characters, and since Skulduggery now has his head, his origin/rebirth story and revenge for his family on Serpine (and possibly China?) all that's left is a) training a protege (Lampshaded by Baron Vengeous, I think) and b) saving the world... Hints from Derek seem to be pointing toward the resolution of both of these. Plus the resolution of their codependent shiptastic (yeah, I said it) /unhealthy closeness/ will have to be resolved, one way or another, and much as I'd like the author of a series with violence to the point where Darquess/Val gets her /freaking eye popped out by Vile/, not to mention the constant levels the references to romance between any of the characters - Sorrowscorn, anyone?-. to have it resolved that way I doubt it's going to end up with the two of them alive and walking off into the sunset together. I mean, it's Derek.
  • Maybe Valkyrie will have something to do with his death... Mercy Kill maybe? Alternatively, considering Landy's Joss Whedon-esque tendency to torture his characters *cough*Tanith*cough*, Valkyrie will die and Skulduggery will be left alive. And if you want to be really depressing, the series will end with Alison noticing a tall, thin man at her sister's funeral...
    • I dunno. I figure Skulduggery is just one of those characters that won't survive the series, but I think Valkyrie will. Unless we get some kind of bait-and-switch and abruptly swap protagonists...
  • Actually, I think that Skullduggery and Valkrie will survive Ghastly's mum's vision: my theory is it was actually of Skulduggery's and Valkrie's /reflections/ dying! I've had the Reflection=Darquesse theory since we first learned Valkrie's true name, and reading the latest book gave me the idea that the Darquesse!reflection wants everyone to be reflections, and kill all of the fleshies. I assume the Darquesse!reflection finds some way to make a Skul-flection as a part of this.
  • Jossed. Landy gave us a fake-out ending that made it seem like Skulduggery was going to offer his soul up to the Accelerator. They just used Ravel instead. Skul-man's as alive as he can be by the end of the series.

China and Gordon are Valkyrie's real parents
  • They gave her to her current parents to protect her from some kind of harm. When Valkyrie finds out that her parents lied to her, it is this that will drive her over the edge and become Darquesse.

Skulduggery's wife was pregnant when she died
  • Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but we've never heard either the name of Skulduggery's wife nor the gender of his child. The nameless thing is less odd—it's easy to not say the name of someone you never want to talk about. However, the absence of gender in the child is odd. Skulduggery never mentions his son or daughter—just his child. This may imply that he doesn't know the gender of the kid—and the only way that could be is if the kid hadn't been born yet.
  • Nice, but ultimately ruined by the revelation that two different people at different locations had to capture his wife and child.
    • OP here, when was that said? Darn, now I'm going to have to reread the books...unless it was in a short story? I have limited access.
  • Unsure of exactly where, but I think it was Eliza Scorn who said it, possibly in Death Bringer.
  • Eliza Scorn said that a famously {Ax-Crazy} member of the Diablerie named Murder Rose was sent after the child (Scorn mentions her surprise that Rose actually followed orders and didn't just kill the kid out of hand), while China went after Skulduggery's wife because of her jealousy. I however, have a different theory - his wife was pregnant, the war started and Skul went off to fight, she gave birth, and the kid was still a very young baby when (s)he and his/her mother were kidnapped. Therefore, the only chance Skulduggery ever had to see his child was a split-second shot of a baby (and without description or examination, it's very difficult to tell the sex of newborns) before Serpine murdered them both. That's my theory; his wife and baby were murdered before he ever truly saw his son/daughter.

The Reflection will replace Valkyrie at some point
  • Maybe it'll become Stephanie Edgeley and Val will leave her old life forever without the inconveniance of being a missing person- she's practically moved in with Skulduggery, and she might want to stop endagering her family or something. Maybe the reflection will just push Val out, like a body snatcher, but y'know, a life snatcher. Or maybe Valkyrie dies or becomes Darquesse or something, and Skulduggery will use the reflection as a Replacement Gold Fish, like in Valkyrie's hallucination in Mortal Coil.

The Valkyrie in Cassandra's vision is not Valkyrie, but rather Alison, Valkyrie's little sister years later.
  • Eventually, Alice will grow up and wonder why her big sister has looked the same for years. Alice will want to embrace her magic abilities to the full. Valkyrie falls to her inner dark side, and Alice teams up with Skulduggery to snap her out of it somehow. Plus, knowing Derek, Valkyrie's parents probably will die by the end of the series.
    • The only question is, why would Alison look exactly like Val? The other things make sense, but that part is confusing.

The Reflection's
ultimate plan...

  • Will involve framing Valkyrie (or Darquesse) for it's misdeeds. It can't kill her itself because Skulduggery will react... badly. So it'll make it seem like Valkyrie is losing control of Darquesse and try to force Skulduggery to keep his promise. Bonus points for feeding Valkyrie false memories and making her doubt herself.

Mervolent chose Lord Vile's name for him.

Remnant!Tanith and a cure.

  • As well all know Tanith gets possessed 'permanently' by a remnant. We also know that the only known cure for such is to kill the person. So, why don't they? We know that when Valkyrie went to see Nye she was technically dead... Why not KO Tanith or similar, stick her on the Coach-A-Bowers and wait for her to return, having died and thus forcing the Remnant out? Please do point out any flaws in this beyond practicality. It's possible they can't get Nye to help them or such, but the mention of this could at least be made in suggestion. This troper thought Valkyrie was going to, and should have, said something similar to Skulduggery about it soon after Remnant!Tanith came to be.

Tanith will be cured of the Remnant.

  • By dying. Derek has been itching to do it since book one and the man is troll worthy of Joss Whedon.
  • As a matter of fact, she does get cured. By having Darquesse reach down her throat and tear the Remnant out. Tanith survives.

Nye is the Slender Man
  • Description is vague, but long limbs are common to both Nye and Slendy. As is evil. Perhaps with a light sprinkling of Dr Mengele added, albeit with more competence.
  • Or maybe Skulduggery is the Slender Man. He's skinny... he wears a nice suit... doesn't have much by way of a face... he could theoretically make shadow tentacles for himself...

Hansard Kray is funding Eliza Scorn's new church.

The reflection will succeed with killing Valkyrie, but it'll be a Bittersweet Ending.
  • Okay, so for this thing to work, something horrible must happen to Valkyrie. Let's say Skulduggery and her parents are killed by the book's Big Bad, causing her to Hulk Out into Darquesse, now with nothing to stop her. The next few chapters is seen from for example Ghastly's, Fletcher's, even foes such as Billy-Ray Sanguine and Vaurien Scapegrace's view, as they all work to stop Valkyrie!Darquesse, only to get curb-stomped immediately. The last chapter in the series will be from the reflection's perspective, as it sneaks up behind Darquesse, using some new trick she learned to kill her once and for all. The conclusion of the series will be the reflection saying something like "...I told you I was the only Stephanie." before picking up Alice to feed her.
  • Jossed. Stephanie was getting along rather well with Valkyrie just before she was brutally murdered by Darquesse.

Darquesse is NOT the one who destroys the world.
  • The vision in Dark Days is rather ambiguous; we only see shadows of the person destroying the world, and we have to take Finbar's word that it's Darquesse. Darquesse also said at least once that she doesn't want to destroy the world(at the end of the Kingdom of the Wicked). That same book also has Skulduggery saying how unreliable Sensitives are.
    • how's this point of view; Valekrie is fighting against the latest big bad while fighting to contain Darquess as usual , they're getting curb-stomped. Her parents somehow get involved and come looking for her Leading into the vision, with Valkerie suddenly realizing her parents are coming, the villain is about to kill them, and she isn't strong enough to stop them. She unleashes Darquesse as a desperate attempt to stop the villain from doing it. Since she's noticing similarities between her and Darquesse, she might hope that Darquesse doesn't want her family dead either by then. And consider What Valkerie said in the vision. Who could she be talking to besides Darquesse?
    Valkerie: This is where it happens. Please don't make me watch it again...

Valkerie will survive, but is forced to move on while Stephanie is presumed dead
  • with the reflection set to try and take over her life, it's plausible she might be forced to kill it, and so leave behind a corpse indistinguishable from her own. add some reason why she cannot go back to her family, like say somebody out to kill her for revenge, and you have a rather poignant twist.

Remnants are demons...
  • ... from Supernatural. Like, mutant demons. Let's list the reasons-
    • Clouds of creeepy black smoke.
    • Fly into people's mouths and possess them.
    • Super-human strength
    • Unaffected by normal injuries
    • Have signs of their presence that they can choose to reveal.
      • Supernatural - Black eyes
      • Skulduggery Pleasant - Black lips
  • Does anyone else see crossover potential here?

The Man with the Golden Eyes is Mevolent.
  • For the main reason that, during his introduction scene in Kingdom of the Wicked, Valkyrie is explicitly forbidden from looking at Mevolent's face. He's described as having a veil over his eyes, which are not described by Valkyrie as she cannot see them.
    • Mevolent of this dimension is dead. Word of God.
    • Jossed. He was Erskine Ravel.

Andrew Hussie is actually a Sensitive.
  • And also a worshiper of the Faceless Ones. His life he's been plagued by visions of a man in a dapper suit, with a skull for a head, and a teenage girl killing his dark gods, so he created Homestuck as pro Faceless One propaganda. Please dont tell me I'm not the only one who noticed all the similarities between Skulduggery Pleasant and Doc Scratch.

Stopping the Accelerator
  • Stephanie will be the one to perform a Heroic Sacrifice. Because it requires a "soul", willingly given.
    • Even though it's made perfectly clear in Last Stand of Dead Men that she does not have a soul?
      • Where does it say that? I think that it'll actually be Skulduggery or Valkyrie who gives it—Skulduggery out of guilt from killing Darquesse/Valkyrie, or Valkyrie out of guilt from being Darquesse.
      • Not yet. She'll become more human as the book progresses.
    • The reflection is strongly implied to not have a soul (Warlocks can't feed on her). However, am I the only one remembering that, if you count both her original self and the Remnant, Tanith has two souls now? She's the only person who can logically lose a soul without dying. My money's on her.
  • They used Ravel. The end.
Erskine Ravel will perform a Heroic Sacrifice to atone for killing Ghastly and Anton
  • Either stopping the Accelerator, or Taking the Bullet for Saracen or Dexter
  • Or hell, maybe just to end his constant agony
  • Jossed. Although he is offered up to stop the Accelerator, it's not by his own choice. Not that anybody cares.
Desmond Edgley is going to beat the crap out of Skulduggery in Book 9
  • Calling it now. All things considered, it seems inevitable.
  • Jossed. Melissa was more angry about it than her husband.
Saracen Rue's power is x-ray vision.
  • Or at least the ability to see through solid objects. It's the only way he could do the things he does without being psychic.
    • He might be able to adjust what layers of things he sees through, he was able to read someones Badge in their pocket.
  • Seeing as he's implied to be a bit of a ladies' man, he actually might have a logical reason to hide it....
  • Confirmed in Seasons of War. He even said that he chose it so he could see through clothes because he was young and stupid.

Darquesse is Valkyrie's Other Self.
Originally she was a psychic censor that simply removes stress and untidy thoughts. ...the problem is the psychic surgery gave Darquesse access to physical reality; and her primal nature gives her more access to magic. Originally, Darquesse would just quell Valkyrie's overflowing feelings; but this function now extends to every other living being.
The overall mastermind/villain will be Gordon.

  • In the first book it's mentioned how Gordon met Melissa first (valkyrie's mum) and she then ended up loving and marrying Desmond instead. Gordon never got over that, and has been holding a grudge because he still loves her. In the second book, Gordon's echo stone version calls Melissa beautiful and seems to still pine for her. This is foreshadowed by China and Skuduggery's past when it's speculated that China loved Skulduggery and switched sides for him, then resumed her ways when he rebuked her and married his wife. China the went on to kill her because of this. Very similar to Gordon/Melssa/Desmond and how it could end up. if the identity of the golden eyed man had not been revealed I would have said he is Gordon but... There is still a chance.
    • Well, Gordon is clearly meant to be Derek Landy, and Landy is the mastermind behind everything that happens . . .

Shutting Down The Accelerator.
Apart from speculating on who will pull the Heroic Suicide, the Engineer said that shutting down the Accelerator will close the rift between their world and source of all magic. What if that means The Magic Goes Away?
  • Worse still, won't that mean Skulduggery will die (for good)? It's been made pretty clear that magic is what keeps his body "alive" for want of a better term.
  • Jossed. Not only can Valkyrie among others still use magic after the Accelerator is shut down, but Skulduggery is shown to still be around too.

Tanith will pull a Heel–Face Turn
  • After The Maleficent Seven, we now know people possessed by Remnants can overcome their influence. Why else would Landy show that other than to foreshadow Character Development?
  • Confirmed!

There is only one Dr.Nye
  • There is one around in the alternate Universe in Kingdom of the Wicked, and right after that is established, the usual universe Nye mentions trans-dimentional travel to be a hobby of it's.
  • Jossed. Professor Nye is a thing.

Rue was poisoned by Ravel
  • In 'Last Stand of the Dead Men', Rue explains he only told Ravel what his power is, because he had been poisoned badly, thought he would die, and Ravelcoaxed him into spilling his big secret. The next day, he was miraculously cured. And Saracen Rue knowing things would be pretty dangerous to any century-long conspiracy, if you couldn't adjust accordingly.
    • Confirmed in Seasons of War

The Ancients where not fully human
  • Both Dusk and Cailan say something is strange about Valkyrie early on, before we even know Darquesse exists. in Dying of the Light, Dusk mentions knowing something about her she doesn't, and the Torment does the same even after Darquess is separated from Valkyrie. The Ancients where the first with magic, and it's hereditary, but not everyone is a descendant of them, it would make sense for them to have magic for different reasons or sources than regular mages.

The Unnamed got his powers the same way Valkyrie did
  • At the end of The Dying Of The Light, Valkyrie has no True Name but gets Warlock-like powers after her Surge. Pretty much all we know about The Unnamed is that he had no True Name but still had magic. What's to say his True Name didn't break away from him and take all his magic pre-Surge?

Valkyrie's new magic powers let her age normally
  • When talking about Valkyrie's new powers, Skulduggery says (paraphrased) "You're probably closer to Warlocks or Witches than Sorcerers now." It's known that Witches age normally. It also ties off Valkyrie's Second Lifetime Syndrome arc nicely.
    • Nope. Danny notes that after five years in Meek Ridge, she hasn't changed a bit, and still looks like nineteen.

Valkyrie has Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Going by how Greta Dapple described Argeddion (Walden D'Essai) as a kind man who wanted peace, learning his true name only seemed to make him delusional rather than changing his personality. Valkyrie on the other hand, develops an entirely different personality after learning her true name. Even after Darquesse separates from her, she still hears voices in when in her head she's about to use the Deathtouch Gauntlet on Alice.

The Sensitives saw the Night of Knives coming
  • ...and allowed it to happen. They also saw someone controlling them to put out a psychic recall to Darquesse, and so performed a Herioc Sacrifice to prevent it.

Valkyrie will be able to perform any magic by wielding the correct foci
  • It's said that a True Name is the source of a sorcerer's magic. It's actually a focus, and a sorcerer who knows their true name can perform can focus their magic any way they wish. Having lost her True Name, Valkyrie can only perform unfocused magic, which manifests as lightning. Valkyrie us able to use Sensitive magic when she uses Cassandra cellar, as the steam room acts as a focus. With the proper focus, Valkyrie will be able to perform any type of magic she wishes. She may get her Necromancer ring back at some point. There's a short discussion in Midnight about sorcerers using wands in the past, which may come back as a Chekhov's Gun.

Crepuscular Vies is Skulduggery's brother.
  • With The Reveal ever so casually dropped in Bedlam that Skulduggery has a brother, coupled with the fact that Crepuscular wants vengeance on him for unknown reasons, it's too much of a coincidence to expect otherwise.
    • probably jossed in Seasons of War. He's Skulduggery's old partner who he left for dead.

Sebastian Tao is Omen Darkly's future self
  • Sebastian has knowledge of events yet to occur and wants to bring back Darquesse to prevent these events from coming to pass. But he doesn't seem to be a Sensitive, implying that he's a time-traveller, and most likely the suit he can't remove is what's keeping him in the present day. He's also mentioned that his current Taken Name is not his original Taken Name, and that he can't reveal that name to anybody in the present (most likely out of fear of causing a Temporal Paradox ). Most likely, Sebastian's past self is somebody the audience has already met - and which person in the cast has a bumbling and meek personality most resembling Sebastian's? Or a family who apparently hate him? Omen fits the criteria.

Sebastian is Tyren Lament or one of his crew
  • He hates Silas Nadir and he's shown to be smart but also kind of bumbling. Darquesse killed Argeddion, so she has his loyalty because she freed him from mind control. I know they apparently died, but it could have been a play by Argeddion so he wouldn't have to kill his friends.

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