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Haiku / Haruhi Suzumiya

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God doesn't know that
espers, time travelers, and
aliens exist.

We are caught in an
Endless Recursion of time.

Kyon-kun, denwa!note  Ugh...

Most bored Haruhi
Speak not unto her the Truth:
She is Lord and God

Her name: Haruhi.
Undisputed Queen of Tropes.
Bit of a Jerk Ass.

God's in her heaven,
"Stupid Kyon! Do it right now!"
All's right with the world.

I want some smoked cheese,
"You ate it all, didn't you?"
I wimper, "Nyoron." note 

Yuki plays H-Games?
It's always the quiet ones.
* Sigh*, give her headphones.

Universal love
Then came the arc "Endless Eight"
Now the haters cheer.

The Movie appears
It is all now forgiven
Even Endless Eight.

Nothing makes sense but
Haruhi makes it so that
Kyon always suffers—robotsy