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Awesome Music / Haruhi Suzumiya

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For all the songs in Haruhi Suzumiya. Or the numerous OST, since epic moments deserve epic music, and a show about aliens, time travelers, ESPers, and Badass Normal preventing a Little Miss Almighty from ending the world would have epic parts everywhere.

  • If you count the image songs in, you can add Kyon's Hare Hare Yukai, COOL EDITION from Asakura and SELECT from Nagato.
  • Asakura's other song, Koyubi de Gyutsu. The complete opposite of COOL EDITION, this one is about the sweet and gentle person she pretends to be. Sweet Dreams Fuel in pure form.
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  • Mikuru's Image Song, Toki no Puzzle, probably should be under Heartwarming/Tear Jerker territory. She sings about how her mission sadly keeps her from fulfilling her desire to be with Kyon. Mikuru finally gets a chance to rock out like her fellow Brigade girls with Etto Returns Shite Revenge.
  • Haruhi herself gets a particularly rockin' one with the piano-and-guitar-driven "Parallel Days", Tsuruya-san shows off her cute voice with "Seishun Ii Janai Ka", which stands out with a great Chinese string section, and Itsuki's purring sex of a voice translates to music with the fun, earwormy "Maggaare Spectacle", which also has little voice snippets from Yuki and Mikuru!
  • You may not care about the character much or even remember her. But Emiri's Fixed Mind is gorgeous and heart-touching.
  • Another one from Tsuruya: Megassa Koukishin. Gentle, thoughtful and adorable.
  • Okay, it's official from the season 2 songs — anything Yuki or Kyon sings will always be awesome.
  • "Koi No Mikuru Densetsu" from the first (0th) episode is made of win... and here's what it sounds like in Haruhi's head.
  • One of the best songs in the soundtrack is also one of the simplest: Itsumo no Fuukei, which translates to "Everyday's View". It's known for being that piece of music heard when Kyon talks about no longer believing in aliens, time travelers, and espers in the first episode (in chronological order; it's the second episode in the other order).
  • "Ryuurei Naru Makimodoshi Sekai" that plays at the end of "The Endless Eight". A beautiful piano composition as Kyon desperately tries to figure out how to stop Haruhi from resetting time once again. Even those who can't stand the polarizing arc can't help but admire the song.